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CAData missing, resulting in empty world

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Hello. Haven't been playing in a few month. Tried to play today, got the following problems:


- When launching with PWS I get the error "Addon 'FDF_Isle1_a' requires addon 'CAData'" on startup, but the game launches anyways.

- When I use any Addon Maps I get additional error messages that are informing me that "CAData" is missing.

- When I load into the Map, all trees and other objects (apparently CAData stuff?) are simply missing, leaving me in a mostly empty world.

- ArmA 3 Default Maps are working just fine.

- I am able to connect to UO Server, on some Maps I get massive lag. On others the game runs fine except for all the missing objects.


- I deleted all Mods and let PWS redownload everything over night. Did not solve the problem.

- I validated the ArmA 3 Installation via Steam, every seems to be fine too.

- I read that ArmA 3 Devs renamed a CAData folder a long time ago, but I have been playing just fine after that. 


Does anyone know how this problem could be solved, or what is causing it? Should I try to do a full reinstall of ArmA 3, or am I just missing a folder or file that can be added easily?


Thanks in Advance,


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Thanks Briland, that solved it!


How to solve:

- Don't use Play WithSix anymore 

- Use ArmA3Sync

- Make sure you have UOMAPS_A3_CUP downloaded

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