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XCOM: UO Platoon

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I am starting a Classic Ironman run of XCOM: Enemy Within. And I need the brave people of United Operations to enlist as my cannon fod-- errrr... Elite Soldiers. Yeah. That.


To explain, everyone who posts into this thread will get a soldier named after them. The game starts out with 12 soldiers available in the barracks, but anyone after the twelfth person will be reserved a spot from the eventual new recruits in the order that they post in. After I have the initial twelve soldiers filled out, I will begin to play two missions every day, with screenshot-filled updates posted alongside them and various stats - soldier roster included - maintained in the original post. I don't think I am entertaining enough on my own for streaming to be a good idea, but if enough people want to see a stream, I may do it for particularly noteworthy/big missions (like Terror missions, certain Council missions and story-tied missions, etc).


As another note, I have the mutators Not Created Equal and Hidden Potential turned on for this run, which means that every soldier will have randomized starting stats and randomized level-up stat gains. This does not mean I will be playing favorites, however-- every soldier will be named from top to bottom in the barracks list, in the order of the people posting here.



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Sign me up.
I wonder, will I be the never hits anything Sniper, the miss the clutch-rocket Heavy, the assault who decided to close range a sectopod or a poor support relegated to carry the medkits...
If I'm jinxing it, only one of those outcomes doesn't possible get someone killed... maybe, I think. Well if its C/I and not I/I theres some hope for me yet. The real question is who's getting their limbs chopped first?

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I am a little concerned that you are signing up while sporting the Über Ethereal as your avatar.



Edited by Xcenocide

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"Some people think they can outsmart me... maybe... maybe..."
Sign me up as Heavy.

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Also, you should post in here in graphic detail describing how each of us died, and what we were doing and those around us were doing to get us killed.

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Having now discovered that I cannot edit my own posts after a certain time period, every new update post will also include all the stuff I was originally intending to edit into the original post. Oh well.


March 12nd 2015

Operation Driving Empire



After reports of alien abduction sites coming in from three different locations around the globe at once, dispatched squad  to Kano, Nigeria to intercept alien operations.








Following intel reports of alien movements, the four-man team found themselves chasing a group of aliens onto a highway bridge (much to the surprise of everyone not aware of the apparent infrastructural upgrades to the country's capital) after their drop to the ground from the Skyranger. The team was quick to make contact with two sectoids - the only alien species identified so far - after their initial movement, but Squaddie Gusy and Private Ratlover were quick to dispatch the X-Rays despite the reported difficulty of landing the shots on the aliens. While submitting his personal report of the operation, Private Whisper described the distance and the cover the sectoids were using as making landing the shots exceedingly difficult, and yet Squaddie Gusy and Private Ratlover succeeded in making their very first shots of the mission killing shots on the aliens.














Two more sectoids arrived on the scene right after, having come to investigate the sound of gunfire. WIth clever maneuvering, Private Gibfender was able to take down one of the approaching contacts almost immediately. Meanwhile, Squaddie Gusy seemed to act on some kind of grudge upon one of the pillars in the middle of the highway. No one else in the team was able to shed any light on this bizarre show of rage directed towards cement. Will have to follow up with psychological evaluation.







The remaining sectoid quickly retreated after the loss of his comrade, and private Whisper moved to try to get eyes on the retreating x-ray, only to find that he already had backup in the form of four additional sectoids moving in on the team's position. While the rest of hte team attempted to move quickly into position to respond, Whisper took a hit from the alien's plasma weaponry that quickly burned through his body armor. In spite of his injuries, the private quickly returned fire and eliminated his attacker, while Gibfender moved far along the highway to flank the x-rays, quickly dispatching another one. During Gusy's movement, the Squaddie suffered major burns from incoming plasma fire as well, and rather than following him across open ground, Ratlover tossed out a grenade with the hopes of taking out two aliens in one go. However, due to what according to witness reports was some kind of psychic link between another sectoid, the other x-ray persisted through even with a piece of shrapnel lodged into it's considerable skull, and despite Gusy's attempts at finishing the job with machinegun fire, the alien returned accurate fire on Ratlover. Unfortunately, rather than hitting Ratlover's body armor, the burst of plasma instead hit the private directly in the face, burning easily through skin, flesh and bone alike.
























With Ratlover declared KIA, Gusy decided that the remaining two X-Rays needed to be dispatched ASAP, and fired his rocket launcher at the sectoid hiding behind hard cover -- one that he claimed was holding some kind of link to the alien that killed his teammate. After the explosion detonated the truck the sectoid was hiding behind and the fiery ball of flame incinirated the alien, Gusy's theory seemed to be proven true: the remaining alien simply fell over dead immediately following his companion. WIthout a more detailed autopsy made, the exact cause of death cannot be determined.







After one final sweep, the team declared the area to be clear, picked up what remained of Ratlover's corpse and returned to the Skyranger.



In Between Journal: Entry #1


With the successful completion of Operation Driving Empire, operatives Gibfender and Whisper were immediately offered promotions for their efforts during the operation, and a brief ceremony was held for Ratlover. The loss of their comrade clearly weighs heavily on the returning team members, and Gusy's psyche in particular is of heavy concern, with his odd outbursts against inanimate objects even before Ratlover's death. The psychiatrist employed by Doctor Vahlen suggests that the loss of his teammate may cause further odd behaviour. I would consider putting him up for temporary leave, but as it is, he is currently the only operative we have within our ranks adequately trained in the use of heavy weapons -- we cannot afford to lose a valuable soldier over worries like that, no matter how founded they may be.


Meanwhile, the government of Nigeria sent us a team of engineers as thanks for our swift response to the alien presence within their borders, and the new personell is already hard at work under Dr Shen's supervision. However, thanks to our limited manpower and resources, civilian casualties have been raised to high numbers in both Argentina and United Kingdom. The countries as a whole are still hodling together well, but panic among civilians is spreading widely outside of the countries, too. We can only hope we can keep further incursions within Europe and South America in check.



March 14th 2015

Operation Hot Crown





Team dispatched to Australia to extract General Peter Van Doorn.





The team found the highway the General and his entourage had traversed already in ruins by the time they got there-- but satellite imagery pointed to live human presence still within the area, and thus were ordered to move on. After moving through burning wreckage within the road, the team encountered a new type of alien, quoted as being "like human, but 'wrong'". Quickly dubbed by the team as a Thin Man, the new contact proved to be more resilient than the sectoids previously encountered as well, requiring concentrated fire from the whole team - and hits from both Hellhound and Rustyclutch - to take it down quick enough that it wouldn't have time to return fire to the team.














The team located the HVI quickly after dispatching the Thin Man, and after taking contact from sectoids successfully managed to secure the General and proceeded to retreat back towards the Skyranger. More Thin Men were air dropped in between the team and Skyranger, but quick maneuvering allowed the team to easily fight their way through them and leave the area with the HVI.













The operation was completed with minimal casualties; squaddie Kalohepirate suffered some burns from plasma fire taken while moving in on sectoid positions and has been moved to the infirmary, but should be back in fighting condition within a few days. Hellhound and Rustyclutch have been offered promotions after returning to HQ. Of note, squaddie Morluck, in spite of his specialized marksman training failed to land a single shot on any hostile targets throughout the operation, and has thus been ordered to spend his downtime on the target range.


Additionally, after the Council sent Sergeant Pax'Jarome to fill up our ranks as a reward for the successfully completed mission, we have taken note of our inexplicably high numbers of snipers and soldiers with close-quarters assault training, and the minimal amount of heavy weapons and medic training within the ranks. There may be a need to recruit more soldiers sooner than expected in an attempt to make up for this.







Sergeant Pax'Jarome


Base HP: 4    Will: 65   Aim: 63

Missions: 0    Kills: 0


Squaddie Gusy


Base HP: 5   Will: 38   Aim: 60

Missions: 2   Kills: 5


Squaddie Morluck


Base HP: 5   Will: 66   Aim: 86

Missions: 2   Kills: 1


Squaddie Rustyclutch


Base HP: 5   Will: 30   Aim: 76

Missions: 1   Kills: 3


Squaddie Shep


Base HP: 5   WIll: 64   Aim: 71

Missions: 1   Kills: 2


Squaddie Gibfender


Base HP: 5   Will: 49   Aim: 64

Missions: 1   Kills: 2


Squaddie HellHound


Base HP: 4   Will: 36   Aim: 83

Missions: 1   Kills: 2


Squaddie Whisper


Base HP: 5   WIll: 33   Aim: 72

Missions: 1   Kills: 1


Squaddie Kalohepirate


Base HP: 4   Will: 54   Aim: 63

Missions: 2   Kills: 4


Private ZEZZ


Base HP: 4   Will: 51   Aim: 55

Missions: 0   Kills: 0


Private Znoop


Base HP: 4   Will: 25    Aim:65

Missions: 0   Kills: 0


Private Best2nd


Base HP: 4   Will: 27    Aim: 70

Missions: 0   Kills: 0








Private Ratlover


Missions: 1   Kills: 2

Last Operation: Operation Driving Empire

Time of Death: 3/2/2015

Cause of Death: Plasma to the face from a sectoid angered by a grenade



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You don't understand, there was someTHING in those pillars! I shot at it with all the fury but it would not die. I'm not imagining ayyliens man you don't understand, they are in our minds. Some kind of bug in our brains! They make you do things.

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