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AAR Sunday Oct 11, 2015 - Barrier to Entry Solution

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I should have monitored this thread more closely.  Just checked it again today.


The comments were helpful.  Here is come clarification for the original post.


1)      I posted an AAR after a truly great day of gameplay.  I was expressing my amazement that some people did not enjoy the missions.  I was ecstatic about how well our style was working.  Nothing needed fixing.  It wasn’t a shitpost or a troll.


2)      Kingslayer is correct.  My “plan” (or recipe) was stupid.  In the past I’ve made plans to assault in less than 45min.  Leaders do need the flexibility.  My suggestion in the post seemed like a good idea at the time but it was not thought out.  It was based on the recent experiences in game.  Idiotic and moronic is good choice of words. 

I will defer the merits of the 3:1 ratio to others. 


3)      I had no intent to resurrect a new BTE.  I was not suggesting we impose restrictions on mission makers or leaders.  This is not a request to change our policy.  Can one of the forum moderators please move this somewhere else out of Policy Discussions.  (If not AARs then perhaps into "Dumb Ideas")

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