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Welcome to UOTC.
This thread serves to give you a quick overview of personnel, courses and hopefully answer all your initial questions upon joining UO.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


United Operations Training Center - ArmA 3

  • How can I participate in a UOTC Training Course?

To sign-up for a UOTC Training Course you have to be registered and logged into the United Operations forum. Currently upcoming ArmA 3 Training Courses can be found under the Training Schedules sub-forum in the Training Center section. Please ensure you are fulfilling the required prerequisites before enrolling for a course.

  • Who can participate in a UOTC Training Course?

Anybody who is registered on the United Operations forum, and is not temporarily or permanently banned from the community and training activities, can participate in a course. However, some courses have prerequisites you must meet before you can enroll.

  • Who can teach a UOTC Training Course?

Only the certified members of the UOTC Instructor Cadre are allowed to conduct official UOTC Courses, that follow our Training Standards, tagged with UOTC.

  • I want to participate in a Training Course but my ArmA installation is not working properly, who can help me?

You should ensure your ArmA 3 and United Operations addons installation is working properly before you sign-up for your first course. If you continue to experience technical problems, reference our Getting Started Guide or seek help in the Technical Support TeamSpeak channel.

  • I want to take a course but it requires a different course in the prerequisites, can I sign-up anyway?

This is a very course dependent situation. If the requirement is a familiarization contact the course instructor and ask for permission.

  • I’m waiting on a specific course but it does not come up in the Training Schedules, what can I do?

Use our Class Request Thread to inform the Instructor Cadre of the demand for the course. The more participants inform us of courses needed, the quicker can we deliver the supply.
We are constantly looking to enlarge our team of motivated and qualified instructors. In order to ensure applicants for the instructor delegacy fulfill the charter and have minimum seniority within the community, you have to meet certain requirements. Then you can post your application in our Instructor Application Thread.

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