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UO Infantry Basics part 6: Urban Combat

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After watching your video I stumbled upon two other vids showing the disadvantages of the usual dynamic entry method. Since I'm no expert on the matter I guess you guys can comment those.



And this one demonstrates an alternate way of clearing - make sure you hit the center targets first, then do a simultaneous entry (wish the latter was actually possible in ArmA in a typical doorway).

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Yeah, it's damn near impossible to simultaneously check the hard left and right corners from the door in Arma. Most doorways are too small, and usually it results in injury if 2 people try to go through the door at the same time. Especially in A2, that was all too common for people to get injured when trying to go through a doorway at the same time as someone else, hell people even got KO'd by it. But, keep in mind, we do a lot of compound clearing as well in Arma, and with wider openings such as gaps in the wall, or blown out walls from breaching, it is very possible.


People tend to use these techniques in alleyways or on certain streets though.


Example, we are moving down an alley of a compound or a backstreet (can be similar to hallway in a large building), a V formation is used where the 2 front guys are moving along the walls, one on each side, 3rd man slightly behind and moves and watches middle, 4th man watching rear. As we approach what i usually call a T intersection, which kind of relates to a center fed room, meaning you have the option to go left or right, but need to peak to see if a threat is there instead of just moving into it right away, people pie as they cross corner cover, and then simultaneously each peek around their corner and cover. Then once it's clear we move up. If anyone has played that VR maze mission with me, then they will notice we do a lot of that. In hallways, we V up, cross corner cover, then button hook while staying on your corner for cover, then move into the next room. Lot's of communication.Works well and gets us far. Sounds funny, but we do a lot of those limited entry techniques in alleyways and some narrow back streets before we fully commit into them,as well as some compounds.

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This is one of the limited entries I was talking about. It was developed by Devin and Trevor at HTS LLC. Part of the HTLE is the snap-bound section previously discussed.


people pie as they cross corner cover, and then simultaneously each peek around their corner and cover. Then once it's clear we move up.


It sounds like the Israeli Limited Entry or some modified version of.




Here is an example of it in the PowerPoint I am making.



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Rolling T is used on open linear hallways, he was talking about when that formation changes to hit a T-intersection. Treating a T like a center-fed room.

Rolling Thunder to Cross-Cover to Buttonhook. Cross covering (or segmented/incremental searches, dual partition, doesn't matter the terminology) is done in nearly all limited entries. Then probably back to rolling T in the direction of travel.

A "V" formation is usually something similar to a cloverleaf.

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