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Vehicle Respawn Script

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Number of times to respawn script (not mine).


VS1 is the marker name

first 4 number of times respawned

second 4 delay

west is side



// veh = [this, "VS1", 4, 4, west] execVM "customization\vehicle.sqf";

if (isNil { BIS_fnc_init }) then { waitUntil { !isNil { BIS_fnc_init } } }; 

_killed = _this select 0;
_pos = getMarkerPos (_this select 1);
_delay = _this select 2;
_times = _this select 3;
_side = _this select 4;
_veh = typeof _killed;

for "_i" from 1 to _times do {

hint "Mission Start";

waitUntil {not alive _killed or not canMove _killed};

sleep _delay;

_group = createGroup _side;

_killed = [_pos, 330, _veh, _side] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle;

_killed = _killed select 0;

if (_times == 0) exitWith {};

_times = _times - 1;

hint "Wave Spawn";



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