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1. A technique of indicating, as through character or plot development, an intention or attitude opposite to that which is actually or ostensibly stated.


2. Stationing a sailor who joined the Navy to see the world, in his home town.





Yep. I ended up in Seattle. Only person in my classes to go to the west coast. Except for those fucks who went to Japan.


Literally twenty minutes down the road from where I used to live.


When I got my orders...well lets just say I was a bit irate.





Anyways I need to buy a laptop. Anyone know of a good gaming laptop that has a hard-case built in? Something I can drop down a flight of stairs and kick down the passageway, then play Farcry 8 on a bit?

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Lol same happened to my buddy. Went into the Navy and ended up in New Orleans....about 45 minutes away from where we grew up. We always hung out at the same place every Saturday. One day, after he was supposed to recieve orders and be on his way, he just shows up and sits next to us. We were confused and then he says, "Can't even join the military and get away from this place"

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