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ArmA 3 Double Feature #1 [2015-06-13] 1800Z

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From across the sea, from the heady days of ArmA 2, we bring back the classic Double Feature events!

As always these events are designed to be small with tested medium player-count missions for a functional and fun event.

This time we will be playing as 40 members of the Glorious Borovian Army!

Because of the limited slots, Donating members will receive priority, but you should always sign up if you want to attend!

For More info and sign-ups go HERE

Click here to view the article

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Sign-up Info:


Step 1: Go HERE and fill out the form.

Step 2: In this thread, post that you've filled out the form.


Mission Info:


Both Missions are on Chernarus


Mission 1: CO40 Low Places


Description: Borovian forces defend against NCR attack


Mission 2: CO40 Take Myshkino


Description: Borovian forces attack NCR held Myshkino


Because both missions have the same slot list, player slots will be consistent for the duration of the event. 


Expected Event Duration: 2-4 hours

Please plan accordingly.


Event timeline:

1800z: Roll Call and slotting (we'll try and get this done early if possible, please try to show up early).

1815z: Expected step-off into briefing.


See you on the battlefield.

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