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Player: n2-
A3 PID: 13098e4a2bd5f0a8af145dd1882b6710
TS3 ID:  Bu4yuUU4+LMvM4wHCsEk5E2iHZs=

Length: 1 month
Reason:  Game Disruption (ramboing) / CO40 Operation Rouquette  2000z May 30th 2015

1/3/6 Month = Major Disruptions, as above but done in an aggressive or intentional manner w/o regard to playerbase or community.

  • Repeat behavior of Major Disruption

Processor:  J.B.


I can confirm that 2 friendlies moved off towards objective without authorization. They tried to get in touch on the LR and were immediately told to get back. Nothing was heard from them.

""####"": I'm not sure if it's a problem too that he and n2 ran off to the hill on their own too
""####"": N2 did not, Kingtiger definetly did
Ban lifted.
Edited by J.B.

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I was stuck in the specpen together with Xcenocide as of short after mission start. We had no voice transmission of the still alive players to the specpen, so all said beneath is what I could confirm by the talking of the died ones and the short AAR.

I did follow the players movements and have screenshots of the overall platoon situation if required.


n2s team consisted out of 3 men, which got told to move out to the northern compound group. I saw them move into that direction clearing out one of the compounds.

They stood there securing it until all other forces started pushing east towards the airfield. They started moving up as well, so it is likely that they reacted to an order on PltNET. One player (No I sadly have no idea who that actually was) in the specpen confirmed that this order has been given.

After reaching the next compund (I did not witness their travel to that compund) it seems that they have lost their SL. I couldn't find the corps. N2 in specpen reported that their SL died and they followed their last standing order, which was to push towards the objective.

So I would assume the SL died somewhere between the security of the initially secured compund and the push towards the objective.

I then saw how n2 moved backwards after they reached the last compund before the objective, I dont know why he did so but as far as I could see he never put a feet on to the airfield.

Shortly after me seeing him moving backwards he got killed as well and sounded off in specpen.

Kingtiger continued to push to the objective, took control of the shilka as he got fired up on by enemies, used the asset to shoot at them and after about 2 minutes left the vehicle again, obviously confused about what was going on.

After that (I think) weapons fired an AT at the shilka, what scared kingtiger away, apparently still confused, he went to the next cover available which was the enemy bunker on the northern side of the airfield.

He got killed by either enemy infantry located in the east of the airfield or the 3rd shilka opening up on him while his atempt to, I guess, seek cover inside that bunker.

As in specpen reported the missions communications where very bad, looking at the overall fires and squad movements that we could observe that statement seems pretty accurate.


I am unsure if the actions of n2 can be considered ramboing for what I could observe and later on confirm by talking to him and other in the specpen.

Kingtiger never sounded of in the specpen after he died, but looking at the overall situation he should have been able (especially after leaving his last compound) to see that there where friendlies to his south with which he could have regrouped, instead he moved towards the shilka.



That is what I could see from the specpen and what makes sense to me after talking to the other players.

I suggest to reconsider at least N2s ban or ban length.



kind regards



(If some of this information can be confiremed wrong by ingame actions, please say so)

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We ordered the move to the compound 1 (this is not the objective, this was a clearly marked compound on map and briefed). Then we lost comms with 1st squad. During our movement to 1'1s position, we heard on the comms that 1'1 was at the First objective which they were not cleared to move up to. When we reached 1'1 last known position in the compound they were supposed to be occupying we found about 4 men from 1'1. At which point I was really confused because I thought they have moved up to the objective. Shortly after, their squad leader was revived from passing out. So I'm not sure how they lost contact with the squad (SR worked) or maybe got left behind. I'm unsure if 1'1 SL gave an order which he was not suppose to give, but the rest of 1'1 was still at that compound which would indicate to me that he had not. 


When I heard the comms that they were at the first objective they were told to move back towards the compound. We never got a response from them. I even tried reaching them on their short range net and nothing was heard from them (maybe died at the point?)


Everything here indicates that they have moved off by themselves without orders to do so. 

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i was slotted as ftl for squad one team alpha


after regrouping on RV we've been told to start pushing to the north, which we did, after reaching compound 4 and on the way to GUN 1 to shoot it with AT, i've been told on radio that our SL is dead and that i should take command, i called 1'6 on long range station that 1'1 is currently next to GUN 1 and and asking to check fire on bunkers right next to it as we will stay there, 1'6 told to fall back to compound 1 where, i confirmed that we are moving out on lr and was shot dead walking out from the bunker

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Im sorry it took so long but here it goes


I will vouch for N2. I was 1'6 in that mission and had eyes on n2 during his failed escape.

From what i gathered listening to the radio and watching the failed pullback n2 should not be banned.


The events the led up to him being on Gun 1's position rather than Compound 1 is just bad timing and communication. His SL "SamtheGreat" got shot shortly after acknowledging my command to proceed onto compound 1. I can see how in the chaos of immediate contact following an order to attack an objective with the same number as another just 200 meters past led to a fireteam going a little farther than intended. Sadly i did not hear n2 say over the radio that his SL was down and he would be taking command and could not tell him to confirm the orders or to hold firm. Fortunately I did get in touch with him when I saw all hell breaking loose on Gun 1's position and again heard and saw his failed attempt to pull back when he realised he pushed up to far.


I hope that clears things up. If you need more information or have any questions be free to message me or talk to me in TS.

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Ban lifted.


It now seems clear that this is a matter of n2 and Kingtiger carrying their latests orders and didn't move with mischievous intent. There were no negative impact on the mission's execution as a result of their actions.

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I would like to apologies for the ban, I can see now that I wasted everyone's time. It did not make any sense to me during the mission as to why there was elements at the objective. I can understand the confusion from all sides. 


Considering we had 2 people leave the squad and one of them entering an enemy vehicle, maybe you can understand why I requested the ban to begin with. 

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