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ArmA 3 - ModPack Updates & Changelog

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Swifty has not been updated yet. It is still in progress. I do not support it at this time, but I do update with it as an alternative.



A3Sync Updated - And retested working.

Swifty (Unsupported) - Updated/Functional.

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Swifty Updated

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1.60 - Update to A3 

CUP_A3 patched for 1.60

ACE_RHS Compatablity - removed (had issues)

Test Maps added to Live Pending decisions

3CB UKF Vehicles

Jozh94 MG3

Corax T72 Skin Updates

This is a fairly large update - Expect a secondary update this week for 1.60 issues that will arise.

Servers Updated - Running.

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CBA_A3 160606


Eden Enhanced 1.5
BWMod 1.34

Kerama - Updated for 1.60
BWMod - Updated for 1.60
Kunduz - Updated for 1.60 (version.2) Filesize improvements/reductions

Update Processed - 192mb

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Removal of Eden Enhanced - Movement/issues affecting gameplay.

Simple removal from yesterdays update, no additional changes.


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Update Completed

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Notice of Intent --- Modpack Structure Changes --- Mid to Late July/August  or APEX Release

We will be phasing out custom defined UO_MAPSA3_CUP and the RHS content into their original folder names.

Many of these changes were to allow players that played in multiple communities to maintain their own unique folders for ease of transfer between these multiple groups.

Given the size requirements to maintain these folders we ill be revering back to a more common community standard of the default folder names for this content

Given that UnitedOperations still maintains custom versions of this content, users may be required to re-update their mod folders if they wish to play elsewhere, and or return back to UnitedOperations Servers to play here.
Many of these changes are minor to individual PBOs and the updates required to play with the traditional RHS content may be limited to the removal of default mission pbos, where CUP Terrains might be a big more sizable.

RHS Mods will be removed from UOMODS_A3 and into their original folder names.

Before this change is processed a batch file will be created for users to either rename the folders back to the community standard names so that you will not need to download any additional content.
A thread will be created for users that need technical assistance with this change before it is processed under the ArmA3 Tech Support thread.

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Update - The following changes will be made to the modpack


Removal of UO Custom modified content on "large" public modification materials.

We will be adopting a public release build of the following mods


CUP Terrains



These mods will now be provided in their public modpack folders in an effort to welcome new players and make it easier to maintain a open public environment.

That said, our custom hosting of these mods will include unique signatures for our timed releases and static versioning.  Some of our content may remove base content from the public releases where needed.

See - Mission Packs from RHS, and individually removed landmasses.   A simple modpack update may be required for these additions (our signatures are roughly 300kb of data that will need to be synced and the RHS missions file is under 7mb, unknown values under 300mb for maps at this time).


General Modpack Maintenance

For performance concerns we will be streamlining other parts of the modpack that are largely unused, this includes the potential removal of content that has not been used in a sizable amount of the missions, or conflicts in use and function with the core mods that we are using.

Given the imminent release of APEX, we will be advancing this change for the Tanoa Release and subsuquent week.   Final Changes, and assistance tools may be released in this thread or post to assist users with file size changes and manual updates to prevent huge downloads in advance.

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SAB_UN2030 - UnitedNations - Reskins/Misc.

JO_RPK - Removed/RHS

JO_AK12 - APEX/BI Replaced

BW_Fennek - Removed (BWMod Removed/Related Content)

Kerama - Removed

ARES - Removed - pending eval of new replacement version

RHS - Removed from UOMODS_A3 (Moved to @RHS____)

BWMod - Removed from UOMODS_A3 (No longer used)



ACE3 - 3.6.1


Diyala - 1.1

CUP Terrains – Core 1.20

CUP Terrains – Maps 1.20



New Modpack Folders












Existing Modpack Conversions

Instructions for RHS Content


Since we have moved the RHS data out of the @UOMODS_A3 folder there are a few ways to go about this.


1 - Or you can cut and paste/move the files from @UOMODS_A3\Addons into the respective folders.

For all files starting with the following in their name, do the following

rhs_ move to @RHSAFRF\Addons

rhsgref_ move to @RHSGREF\Addons

rhsusf_ move to @RHSUSAF\Addons




2 - You can either copy and rename the @UOMODS_A3 folder a few times with all files in, and then run an update to delete the extra files.


In your ArmA 3 Directory

copy  @UOMODS_A3 and paste three times

rename @UOMODS_A3 Copy to @RHSAFRF

rename @UOMODS_A3 Copy (1) to @RHSGREF

rename @UOMODS_A3 Copy (2) to @RHSUSAF




Instructions for CUP Terrains Content


Since we are using the CUP Terrains data out of the @UOMAPS_A3_CUP , these folders need to be renamed and split into two directories.

Rename copy and then rename the @UOMAPS_A3_CUP folder with all files in, and then run an update to delete the extra files.



copy  @CUP_TERRAINS_CORE and paste into the same working folder





Steam Workshop Users

Instructions for Symbolic Links (CUP Terrains)


Steam users can use a Symbolic link from their Workshop content folder (!workshop)

In my case my Game Directory is D:\Games\ArmA 3\ (Change to your ArmA 3 Install Directory)


mklink /d "D:\Games\ArmA 3\@CUP_TERRAINS_MAPS\" "D:\Games\ArmA 3\!Workshop\@CUP Terrains - Maps"


mklink /d "D:\Games\ArmA 3\@CUP_TERRAINS_CORE\" "D:\Games\ArmA 3\!Workshop\@CUP Terrains - Core"


Using Symbolic Links to your Workshop folder will prevent duplicate downloads for this content, thus saving disk space.


Edited by Impulse 9
ACE 3.6.1 Release + File Copy Instructions

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A couple of typos on the RHS content coversion..

rhsgref_ move to @RHSGREF\Addons

rhsusf_ move to @RHSUSAF\Addons

Edit - i9/Corrected - Thanks

Edited by Impulse 9

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CBA Release... Repacking again.

This is turning into the update cycle that will never end.



Edit - Server Functional - Expect another one or to updates this week to deal with modpack and stability fixes.

Edited by Impulse 9
Server Up/Break Time

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Made a quick bash script to convert the RHS modpack (Not tested but should work):

mkdir "@RHSAFRF\addons"
mkdir "@RHSGREF\addons"
mkdir "@RHSUSAF\addons"

move "@UOMODS_A3\addons\rhs_*" "@RHSAFRF\addons"
move "@UOMODS_A3\addons\rhsgref_*" "@RHSGREF\addons"
move "@UOMODS_A3\addons\rhsusf_*" "@RHSUSAF\addons"

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If you guys have CUP complete you can also just copy that 2 times and rename them to @CUP_TERRAINS_CORE and @CUP_TERRAINS_MAPS and A3 sync will delete stuff for you without needing to download an extra 4 or so gbss

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Or you can continue to use that by itself, and use a local custom modline.

@UOADMIN_A3 pulled from Modpack/Repo - No more client side errors related to missing files that exist only on the server.


ACRE2 Update expected late this week or weekend.




ACE 3.6.2 and CBA 3.0.0 Updated

@UOMODS_A3 - NIA/HLC 1903 added.

@UOMAPS_A3 - Files removed to support removed maps.

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Updates and Maintence to sync.unitedoperations.net - Expected Downtime - 30 minutes. Service may be unreachable for up to 24 hours.


EDIT - Initial changes completed, speed of sync.unitedoperations.net should be much improved.

Edited by Impulse 9

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Updates Pending


The following addons have been removed.







The following addons have been updated.




RHS - RFAF 4.1.1

RHS - USAF 4.1.1

RHS - GREF 4.1.1


EDIT - Update Pushed/Available (1.43GB Update with A3Sync)

Edited by Impulse 9
Completed Update (1.4gb)

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Here's the order that Arma3Sync uses..


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Im launching through steam launcher in no particular order either. 

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Thanks for the feedback! Migrated Steam & ArmA to a new and larger SSD then migrated mods to that SSD from hard drive to improve load performance.  Neglected to update reference for one mod which was creating errors when in-game; hence questioning mod load order.  Moving mods to SSD did provide load time improvement but not to the extent hoped from.

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Removal of




Addition of






Updates to




EDIT - Update Processed

Edited by Impulse 9

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at my own request it's old low and low quality. I suggest using my new type 99 woodland or rhs/delta hawk content 

Edited by Corax

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