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ArmA 3 - ModPack Updates & Changelog

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@W-Cephei - This was already turned on, on the server.



Additional - OPTIONAL map pack being uploaded tonight for testing.

Please note that the new folder @UOMAPS_A3_CUP is optional at this time. This addon is quite large and in many ways duplicates most of what is included in AIA but is being maintained and updated.

We will not be adopting this pack in the short term, but sometime after the next event. You do not need to download this additional addon folder at this time - It will only be included with the Test Servers.


BWMod 1.2.1 included in Test Pack. This will be used to test content on SRV4 before it's inclusion.

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Addon uploads near completion.


CBA Update - Removal of ASDG JR (Included in CBA)




Prepeartion for Removal of AIA Map Data - Optional Download of @UOMAPS_A3_CUP (UNUSED AT THIS TIME)

YOU DO NOT NEED TO DOWNLOAD THIS - This is done in advance to let people download this for when we adopt the CUP replacement from AIA

AGAIN --- You do not need to Download @UOMAPS_A3_CUP at this time.


@UOTEST_A3 - Inclusion of BWMod 1.2.1 for testing on SRV4

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A3Sync completed upload.

Swifty Completed upload.


Server 4 is running UOTEST_A3 for use with BWMod Missions.


@UOMAPS_A3_CUP is NOT required yet. You do not need to download this part yet.

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Not just yet - I need to test a proxy map replacement file.





RHS 3.9.1




Paddle Mod - CBA Hotfix


UN Helmets/Caps



Modpack Updated to PWS - A3Sync & Swifty

Edited by Impulse 9
A3Sync rebuilt and functional.

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Update Pending


ACE Update 3.3.2



BWMod Fennek Reskins


Corax DPM Skins


Jozh MG3

Jozh Afghan Units


VKing Markers

VKing MapGrid Fixes

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BwMod 1.2.1 - Texture fix

Ares Mode - Gear configs.

MG3 Update

Mothball Project Introduction.

CBA Update

ACRE2 Improved Signal Changes/Reinfections/Reception



PWS/A3Sync/Swifty Updated

Edited by Impulse 9

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Updated ACRE2 Test - 852 -

64bit PID compatibility fixes

AI Behavior/FPS performance improvements

Multi-transmission Divide/0 issues.

TrackIR Fix



BE is Disabled for this test

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Corax Uniforms Updated

ACRE Hotfix Pushed

Base Frequency Updates (no longer on 30.025) Staring at 59.000+ for default presets.

Direct Speaking Occlusion Fixes

Spectator Observers Muting Players.


BE is still disabled up until patch is approved.


Radio Frequency base frequency has been increased for better signal functionality on all normal radios. (Most ultra low end frequencys were not optimal for most transmissions)

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Sarahni Removal

VKing Marker Fix


CBA Update - Performance/AI


Avoiding ACRE 854, since BE has not approved it yet. (No Major Changes compared to 853 for us)

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