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Impulse 9

ArmA 3 - ModPack Updates & Changelog

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Small Updates - for 1.80 and recent modpack updates.



GM Console Updates

ACE Nightvision Updates

Tin - Unit Textures



ACRE2 2.5.1 - Update + Hotfix


CUP Maps/Updates

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Minor Updates for CUP Maps

Minor Update for Rosche 26.1


Misc other updates to secondary mods. Documentation to be processed when I am not working from remote.

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Minor Update for CBA_A3


Editor Upgrade for WL_EU and ApexObjects


Small updates to Corax units/textures and added Stryker Retexture. (BMP, CH47, Chinese, Insurgent, M93, Pandur2, Russian, WestGerman)


Additional Update to follow.

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Delayed updates pushed - ACE Update/Change in backend settings.

Expect some things to be working poorly over the next few days.




Briefing Kit

Misc Updates



Apex Objects

WL_ROSCHE v28.4 -- New Heightmap changes - All missions need Updates.


ACE3 3.12.1
Change Log Summary

  • Kh25ML Laser Guided AGMs (#5912)
  • allowFadeMusic common setting (#6001)
  • ACE Arsenal button to Main Menu (#5953)
  • ACE Arsenal ability to exit arsenal without applying a loadout (#5996)
  • Porting of vanilla Virtual Arsenal loadouts to ACE Arsenal (in Eden: Tools -> Import BI VA loadouts to ACE Arsenal) (#5943)
  • Search bar, copy/cut/paste and keybinds for the ACE Arsenal loadouts screen (#5973)
  • Custom repair positions to all quadbikes (#6011)
  • CfgSurfaces config entries for whitelist and blacklist of digging (#5898)


  • Build optional components in separate, launchable folders (#5038)
  • ACE Arsenal filter items with scopeArsenal = 0 (#5988)
  • Disabled faces, voices and insignias tabs in ACE Arsenal in Eden (#5996)
  • ACE Arsenal "OK" button to "Apply" (#6025)
  • Tweaked effective area of incendiary grenades (#5971)
  • Overhauled movable map markers (#5922)
  • Added [ACE] tags to pylon magazines names (#5908)
  • Improved realistic names (#5908)
  • Improved extension check to show .so for Linux extension in the future (#5899)
  • Replaced game logics with owner events in Markers and Explosives (#5894)
  • SSWT Kit improved (preview image, editor category, deletion on destruction) (#5886)
  • Sand Bags improved with preview image and proper editor category (#6008)
  • Used parentheses in GETVAR macros (#5995)
  • ATragMX now allows one decimal place for the bullet mass (#6041)


  • AI continuing to fire on unconscious units (made setHidden use forgetTarget) (#5987)
  • Unconscious hidden status not being reset on respawn (#6006)
  • NVG grain and color effects (#6018)
  • Rearm entire vehicle not working due to wrong argument order (#5993)
  • ACE Arsenal openBox crash (#6025)
  • ACE Arsenal add/removeVirtualItems error when setting all items (#5996)
  • ACE Arsenal cache array not being copied properly in openBox when ignoring set virtual items (#5996)
  • ACE Arsenal scaling issues (#5959)
  • ACE Arsenal not matches case for magazines in right panel (#6044)
  • SSWT Kit model disappearing at the edge of the screen when looking at its feet (#5886)
  • SSWT Kit hit points LOD (#5886)
  • SSWT Kit bug in placement script (#5886)
  • House-type carried object misalignement on release (#6049)
  • Back blast if damage not allowed (#6030)
  • Pop-up error due to unserialized spectator help control variable (#6023)
  • Spectator map centering in first person (#6010)
  • Explosives placed without ACE Explosives triggering fragmentation (#5962)
  • Explosives error when selecting a cellphone as an IEDs trigger (#5963)
  • Undefined enum types in Scopes (#5969)
  • Reset laser hud when exiting UAV (#5947)
  • Display name of spectator respawn template (#5989)


  • Obsolete mine JIP sync (#5895)



ACEX 3.3.0
Change Log Summary

  • Add Fortify/Fortifications (#76)
  • Add Sitting ace_satDown and ace_stoodUp event handlers (#88)
  • Add Chinese and Chineses Simplified translations (#79)
  • Add Japanese translations (#70)
  • Add French translations (#72)
  • Add Korean translations (#75)
  • Add Italian translations (#83)


  • Fix Volume state after respawn (#78)
  • Fix Sitting not standing up if player moved (#84)
  • Fix Sitting standing up with very small movements of seat (eg. player disconnects) (#87)
  • Fix Headless transferring UAVs (#86)
  • Fix Headless rebalancing even with AI distribution disabled (#91)


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ACRE2 - Dev Build Update
981 -> 982
- [Add] Intercom master station (a player in such position can broadcast messages to all members in an intercom)
- [Add] Volume control on an intercom level
- [Add] Voice activation or PTT activation of intercom (WIP)
- [Add] Intercom and rack information UI (status indicators)
- [Add] AN/VRC64 vehicular adapter for AN/PRC77 with AS1729 antenna
- [Add] Portuguese translations
- [improvement] Intercom system stability and possible data loss when connecting simultaneously
- [improvement] Rack and intercom performance
- [improvement] Japanese translations
- [improvement] ACE3 interaction menu (shortened, grouped, streamlined)
- [Fix] Initialisation of racks and intercom when starting the mission inside a vehicle
- [Fix] Initialisation of racks through API on dedicated
- [Fix] "inside" keyword for rack and intercom configurations
- [Fix] Race condition for external radios
- [Fix] Deadlock on external and rack radios if the player disconnected while having the radio GUI opened
- [Fix] Infantry phone had access to all intercom networks regardless of the configuration
- [Fix] Lower case treatment of intercom names
- [Fix] Spelling error in 152 and 117F menu
- [Fix] AN/PRC77 had the second channel set to 30.00 MHz as well in default preset (now 30.50)
- [Fix] RPT errors when changing frequencies on SEM70
- [Fix] Typo in missionEventHandler handleDisconnect


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ArmA3 - Tanks DLC



Enhanced Movement/Weight Modifications



WLRosche Updates - New towns/Placements/Objects

Added HAG_Corn & HAG_Wheat Objects




- [Add] Polish translation.
- [improvement] Remove default keybinding for broadcasting and PTT activation of intercom.
- [improvement] Make infantry phone configuration more robust.
- [Fix] Babel mission setup.
- [Fix] intercom stations in limited positions could not switch RX/TX mode.
- [Fix] Inside keyword in intercom/racks system.
- [Fix] Rack can now be initialised in all vehicle positions (previously it was only initialised when entering in crew positions)
- [Fix] Ensure that player is initialised in API function addRackToVehicle (previously additional code was required in init.sqf to work at mission start).
- [Fix] Script error in custom sound PFH in infantry phone.
- [Fix] Vanilla vehicles had racks accessible to all intercoms.
- [Fix] PGM menu in 152.
- [Fix] 152 and 117F menu now skip unnecessary screens during channel configuration.


983 -> 984
- [Fix] Intercom indicator in "PTT activation" mode now correctly displays when the player is actively transmitting.
- [Fix] Racks were not usable anymore without disconnecting them after turning out/in.
Expect HotFixes This next week due to Tanks DLC

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ACE Hotfix for 1.82


  • Arma 1.82 compatibility (#6201)
  • NightVision - Add setting for shutter effects and noise intensity (#6134#6059)
  • ACE Arsenal - Add item stats (#6110)
  • Allow displayTextStructured to be moved via game layout settings (#6102)
  • Add Camping Light interactions and map lighting support (#6087#6078)
  • Add pylon whitelist option (#6080)
  • Zeus - suicide bomber module (#6036)
  • Interaction - Add Flip and Push actions to Quad Bike, Kart and Static Weapons (#6019)
  • Add displayNames for some of the settings (#6136)
  • Improved Translations (#6223#6222#6180#6151#6130#6071#6031#6016)


  • Rearm - Increase distance check for large aircraft (#6276)
  • Repair - Ignore destroyed repair vehicles (#6262)
  • Repair - Handle changes to getAllHitPointsDamage (#6250)
  • Refuel - Fix hint string not being localized (#6214)
  • Realistic Names - Fix for pylon version of maverick (#6263)
  • Hellfire - Fix hellfires not showing after 1.82 (#6259)
  • InteractionMenu - Always compile before adding main action (#6156)
  • ACE Arsenal - Fix interaction condition (#6140)
  • Interaction - Fix div0 error in getVehiclePos (#6139)
  • HuntIR - Register as a feature cam (block NVG border) (#6138)
  • HuntIR - Fix connecting when ammo is null (#6099)
  • Scopes - Use real zero for non-adjustable scopes (#6128)
  • Decrease direct hit damage done by AGM-114N (#6121)
  • Pylons - Fix old weapons not being removed (#6100)
  • Medical AI - Fix AI activation (#6077)
  • Zeus - Remove ACE Arsenal in advance when already present (#6246)
  • Overheating - Fix allowSwapBarrel condition (#6170)
  • Fix fastropes being blocked after ropes breaking (#6239)
  • Fix Airdrops sinking in the ground (#6238)
  • Fix undefined variable in hitreactions_fnc_fallDown (#6235)
  • Fix getAllRearmTurrets (#6224)
  • Fix Slideshow action numbering (#6198)
  • Fix empty return value of getUnitTrait (#6160)
  • More various ACE Arsenal fixes (#6192)


  • ACE Hint - New preview image (#6271)
  • Cookoff - Damage handling disabled by default (#6264)
  • Mission Modules - Remove [ACE] from Ambiance Sounds module displayName (#6272)
  • FCS - Switch to using vanilla FCS for attack helicopters (#6265)
  • Cleanup ace_vehicles for 1.82 (#6247)
  • ACE Arsenal - Shorten handleStats window resize (#6176)
  • ACE Arsenal - Add stat for scope magnification (#6150)
  • Add various misc improvements for ACE Arsenal (#6111#6083)
  • Enabled cancel button when exiting ACE Arsenal (#6065)
  • ace_map - BFT settings subcategory (#6165)
  • Scope stats and ballistic stats improvement (#6164)
  • Cargo - Remove excess lower empty space in menu (#6112)
  • Hearing - Add muffling to new Laws Of War DLC headsets (#6106)
  • Small changes to persistent laserpointer (#6101)
  • Aircraft - Disable scripted eject if vehicle is locked (#6096)
  • Advanced Throwing - Disable when controlling UAV (#6092)
  • Cargo - Improve class initialization (#6085)
  • Zeus - Improve various UI elements (#6036)
  • Spectator - improve handling of grenades (#6012)
  • Change ace_map settings to use CBA init directly (#5984)
  • WeaponSelect - Use CBA Setting (#5581)
  • Compat - Add support for Razor Wire on Prei Khmaoch Luong (#6199)
  • Compat R3F - AtragMx presets Scope Base Angle (#6195)
  • Compat R3F - AB and ACE3 ballistics updated (#6171)
  • Compat R3F - Dispersion overhaul & AtragMx presets #6003
  • Compat RHS - Add ace hellfire support to apaches (#6056)


  • Remove references to vanilla classes which have been removed from the base game (#6206)


ACRE2 Dev Update

984 -> 985 (2.6.0 RC1)
- [Fix] GUI display when spawning inside a vehicle at the start of the game.

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ACRE2 Dev Update

985 -> 986 (2.6.0 RC2)

- [Add] Italian translations

- [Fix] Remove infantry phone, intercom and racks from parachute units.

- [Fix] Signal quality could get stuck at 0% with radios being still in valid range.


986 -> 987 (2.6.0 RC3)

- [improvement] Channel label in racks interaction

- [improvement] Radio action in racks interaction changed to open radio

- [improvement] Unmount moved to radio sub-action in racks interaction

- [Fix] Vehicle Info UI initialization

- [Cleanup] Dead code in Infantry Phone code

- [Cleanup] Rack children actions code








Suppression Johoko




ITC_AIR (From Yaxxo)

ITC_LAND (From Yaxxo)

RDS A2 Units

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987 -> 988 (2.6.0 RC4)
- [Add] acre_api_fnc_setVehicleRacksPreset - allows specifying a preset that will be used when initialising the rack on a vehicle basis. When defined, this preset takes precedence over side-specific or player-specific presets. This is useful for command or convoy nets.
- [Add] acre_api_fnc_getVehicleRacksPreset - gets the assigned preset name to a vehicle.
- [improvement] Japanese translations.
988 -> 989 (2.6.0 RC5)
- [Fix] Rack initialisation properly assigns a radio preset.


HLC/NIA Core 1.4
HLC/NIA 9.3 Update
Suppression Addon Pulled - Licence Conflicts
TB Units + Weapons + Vehicles - Pulled
IDF Helmets - Pulled


WLRosche 3.1
Removed Hag Wheat and Hag Corn
Condensed into Hag Objects
If you have any missions or content that relies upon the pulled content please plan to update over the next few weeks.

Modpack Update Pushed - Server Updates Pushed

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Modpack Hotfix

Update - UOMods - NIA Weapons 

Update - UOMods - ITC Land + Air



Rollback - NIA/UO Edits - Ammo Type/Conflicts

Rollback - TB Units/Weapons/Vehicles - Event Required.

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Modpack Updates


Hag Objects Updates/RPT Spam

WL_Rosche 0.34 Updates


Walsh Reskin Updates


ITC Air Updates

ITC Land Updates

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Modpack Update


RHS Updates



tin_w_c7 Updates

tin_u_csat Updates
















ACE_Particles - Removed

HLC_SAW(Modified) - Removed



Trial Adoption of Ruha

Trial Adoption of Kidal


Diyala to be Removed (1 Month)

VT5 to be Removed (1 Month)



Updates to SRV4 for WW2 Content/Mission Making


Secondary Update and Hotfix to follow.

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ACRE2 994


992 -> 993

- [Added] Start/Stop speaking CBA Eventhandlers

- [Fixed] Racks and shared radios could not be heard by all users in some cases.

- [Fixed] Make.py for newer Mikero Tools.

- [improvement] Japanese translation

- [improvement] Chinese translation.

- [improvement] Small optimisations in sys_core module.

- [improvement] Port Hints to notification system.

- [Cleanup] Deprecated features and code for 2.7.0.

- [Documentation] Added babel code snippet for switching units of different sides.

993 -> 994

- [Fixed] Radios work again.





ADDED: Joint Ammo and Magazines (#108, #928, #990, #991, #994, #995, #997) robalo dedmen Drofseh

ADDED: French translations (#968, #970, #1001) NorXAengell alganthe

ADDED: Polish translations (#983, #987) veteran29

ADDED: German translations (#979, #980, #981, #988) commy2

ADDED: Turkish translations (#1002) 654wak654

ADDED: Some tooltips for settings menu (#960, #961) commy2

ADDED: Subcategories for keybinding menu (#962, #966, #971, #972) GuzzenVonLidl commy2 mharis001

ADDED: Automatically localize subcategories in setting menu (#1003) mharis001

ADDED: CBA_fnc_compatibleMagazines that supports mag wells (#965) PabstMirror

ADDED: Time setting type (#967) mharis001

ADDED: Server browser will remember entered passwords for every server (#973) commy2

ADDED: Search bar in mission browser (#974) commy2

ADDED: Optional component to remove stock missions (#975) commy2

ADDED: Addon Options button in main menu (#976) commy2

ADDED: Camera player event handler ported from ACE3 (#982) jonpas

IMPROVED: Increased Layout Editor control limit from 22 to 100 (#958) mharis001

IMPROVED: Increased string length limit of edit box type settings (#959) jokoho48

IMPROVED: Slider speeds in settings menu (#963) mharis001

IMPROVED: Projectile Tracking optimzed by not tracking stationary objects (#985) PabstMirror

FIXED: Changed settings won't save when using whitelist (#977, #978) neilzar

FIXED: CBA_fnc_getVolume not calculating volume correctly (#984) Wakbub

REMOVED: Rogue BOM characters from stringtables (#1000) veteran29



NIA Core Update (Under APL-SA)


- HOtfix: hlc_30rnd_556x45_SOST, hlc_30rnd_556x45_SPR


- Added: Hensoldt 4x30 Combat Optic (multiple)

- Added: H&K AGC materials

- Added: AAC M4-2000 (hlc_muzzle_556NATO_M42000)

- Added: Rotex III-Compact(hlc_muzzle_556NATO_rotexiiic_grey,hlc_muzzle_556NATO_rotexiiic_tan)

- Migrating shared materials/textures: hlc_core\tex\magazines\pmag2, hlc_core\tex\magazines\stanagHD,hlc_core\tex\magazines\emag

- Added initial pass of CfgMagazinewells - STANAG_556x45 (Subclass NIA_Magazines) , UGL_40x36

- Added Proxy magazine meshes for STANAG magazines

- Added : STANAG magazine Sub-variants - PMAG, STANAG-HD, Lancer L5, EMAG

- Added : missing X15 magazines ( "hlc_50rnd_556x45_SOST","hlc_50rnd_556x45_SPR","hlc_50rnd_556x45_EPR")

- Added : HK416 animations, AGC Animations



Rosche Updates - AKA actually using 1.0.1

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3CB Update

Prei Khmaoch Luong Added to Required Addons



3CB Optionals Updated

ITC Air Updated

United Operations Mission Framework Module - Live Testing



Rosche Updated

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996 -> 997

- [Added] New transmit notification.

- [Added] Automatic Antenna Elevation.

- [Added] Intercom accent functionality.

- [Added] New keybinds for speaking through intercom and broadcast messages (before they were just features accessible through ace interaction)

- [improvement] Expand argument checks in API functions.

- [improvement] Optimise item functions. Better performance in missions with lots of objects and medics with lots of "drugs" and bandages.

- [improvement] Introduce factor for AI Revealing.

- [Cleanup] C++ plugin.

- [Fix] Typo when processing TurnedOut limitations in intercom and racks.

- [Fix] Intercom volume is now overwriting radio volume.




ITC Update


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  • ADDED: Some Japanese translations (#1088) classicarma
  • ADDED: CBA_fnc_notify (Port of ACE style hint notifications) (#1036) commy2
  • ADDED: Optional argument for default of hash created by CBA_fnc_serializeNamespace (#1044) xetra11
  • ADDED: CBA_fnc_selectRandomArray (#1049) neilzar
  • ADDED: keepAspectRatio parameter to Layout Editor (#1059) commy2
  • ADDED: P90, UMP40/45/9 & Beretta M9 magwells (#1061#1091) 3Mydlo3 PabstMirror
  • ADDED: Button to hide stock missions in the CREATE GAME menu (#1066#1086) commy2
  • ADDED: Event for confirming changes in Layout Editor ( #1070#1075) commy2
  • ADDED: JAM magwells for SMAW and MAAWS launchers (#1071#1072) Dahlgren
  • ADDED: More JAM magwells (#1076#1078) Drofseh
  • ADDED: Script names to some functions for debugging (#1079) PabstMirror
  • CHANGED: Maps are sorted alphabetically in CREATE GAME menu (#1045#1067) commy2
  • CHANGED: 100rnd mags no longer added to non MX SW variants (#1050#1058) TheMasterofBlubb
  • CHANGED: Shortened some functions configs (#1068) PabstMirror
  • CHANGED: Refactored help component (#1073#1094#1095) commy2
  • CHANGED: Updated DIK Codes header file paths (#1090) jonpas
  • FIXED: Potential race condition breaking CBA_missionTime in multiplayer (#1047) commy2
  • FIXED: IS_ADMIN and IS_ADMIN_LOGGED not usable in strings and config (#1048#1074) commy2
  • FIXED: cba_main component loaded after cba_jam (#1062) commy2
  • FIXED: Game crash when using cba_settings_fnc_set with out of bounds priority (#1092) commy2
  • FIXED: CBA_fnc_getMuzzles function header (#1093) Dystopian
  • OPTIMIZED: Forced unit addon activation (#1051#1081) dedmen
  • OPTIMIZED: Addon XEH preInit and postInit cached at game start (#1052#1055#1056) dedmen
  • OPTIMIZED: XEH incompatible classes cached at game start (#1053#1057) dedmen PabstMirror
  • OPTIMIZED: FlexiMenu functions cached at game start (#1054#1064#1083#1087) dedmen
  • OPTIMIZED: Removed unused local variable from CBA_fnc_isTurnedOut (#1014#1060) commy2
  • OPTIMIZED: Removed BI function headers from release build (#1065) PabstMirror
  • OPTIMIZED: Skip checking turret path if not in vehicle (#1080) PabstMirror
  • OPTIMIZED: Eden and Zeus item lists are preloaded and optimized (#1084) commy2


  • Invisible Targets are visible on the map and have nametags when those settings are enabled in the difficulty options.
  • Invisible Targets are not engaged by AI when they're placed inside another object's geometry. They have to be placed on an object's surface.


ACE - 3.12.6



  • SACLOS and HOT Missiles (#6708)
  • Ballistics - Add 100Rnd mags magwell to all MX variants (#6801)
  • Arsenal - Add Ability to Transfer a Loadout from Saved to Default (#6793)
  • Medical - Add vehicle hint when loading unconc (#6759)
  • Medical - Add new setting to hide self-interaction actions (#6756)
  • Zeus - Paradrop Cargo (#6743)
  • Markers - add setting allowing only marker creator to move (#6734)
  • MissileGuidance - Allow using vanilla fire mode key (#6732)
  • Medical - Show tourniquets in Medical and Patient information (#6681)
  • Medical - Adding option to convert vanilla medical gear (#6680)
  • FastRoping - Add rope items which deploy at lengths (#6498)
  • Tracers - Add magazines with different tracer colors (#6658)
  • Add rksl pm II 5-25x56 compat (#6845)
  • Illumination Flares (#4506)


  • Safe Mode - Fix disabled laser on safety switch (#6639)
  • Repair - Add condition check to progressBar (#6830)
  • cfgSkeletons indentation formatting fixes (#6796)
  • Arsenal - Fix script stat script errors for odd weapons (#6794)
  • Rearm - Fix locality issues with setMagazineTurretAmmo (#6787)
  • Arsenal - Fix arsenal not working reliably on remote AI units. (#6784)
  • Dragging - Fix player getting locked with isCarrying (#6770)
  • Interaction - Disable open door action on houses with no user actions (#6760)
  • WeaponSelect - Fix putWeaponAway animation (#6758)
  • Medical - Skip distance check if in same vehicle (#6757)
  • Disposable - Ignore secondary muzzles (#6737)
  • Interaction - Fix zeus remote control menu (#6733)
  • Zeus - Fix zeus creating after 1.86 (#6726)
  • Parachute - Fix "hide altimeter" setting (#6721)
  • Zeus - Fix config code breaking during build (#6864)
  • Repair - Fix Typhoon rear wheel change (#6207)
  • UI - Fix selective UI in cargo (#6585)
  • Fix M84 lods (#6854)
  • Arsenal - Fix incorrect muzzle velocity stat displayed on magazine (#6844)
  • Captives - Use the doApplyHandcuffs function for keybind (#6843)


  • Arsenal - Improvements to 3DEN attribute (#6849)
  • No Uniform Restrictions - Update for Arma 3 v1.88 (#6829)
  • Explosives - Change SLAM magnetic to detonate upon defusal (#6827)
  • Cargo - Add condition checking during load/unload (#6821)
  • Interact Menu - Cache config actions for CAManBase (#6818)
  • HuntIR - Move magwell compat to huntIR config (#6813)
  • Pylons - Remove ace_zeus from requiredAddons (#6808)
  • Refuel - Cache refuel classes (#6807)
  • Cargo - Cache cargo vehicle classes (#6806)
  • Minedetector - Cache detectableClasses (#6805)
  • Tagging - Cache tagging static models (#6804)
  • Inventory - Cache inventory postInit config lookups (#6803)
  • Common - Use CBA addons instead of activatedAddons (#6802)
  • Common - checkfiles use cba's list of CfgPatches (#6800)
  • Compile minedetector scripts at preStart (#6799)
  • Interaction Menu - Only compile self actions when needed (#6792)
  • Move SelfActions from postInit to config (#6791)
  • Fixed Typo from change to chance (#6789)
  • Common - optimize toHex (#6788)
  • Dragging - Additional weight override parameter for setCarryable/setDraggable (#6780)
  • Goggles - Add entries for APEX/Laws of War facewear (#6778)
  • Wirecutters - Add compatibility with more fences from CUP (#6777) (#6750)
  • Rearm - Use non-ambigious magazine names (#6761)
  • Change PBO check error messages (#6751)
  • Remove Redundancy in flashbangExplosionEh (#6749)
  • Changed: Remove ear ringing from flashbang explosions when wearing protective gear (e.g. ComTacs) (#6746)
  • Italian translation updates (#6738)
  • Polish Translation (#6730#6865)
  • Translations - Portuguese (#6860)
  • Update Japanese translation (#6838)
  • Pylons - Update configure pylons action (#6381)
  • Add localUnits array and use that inside medical statemachines (#4836)

ACEX - 3.4.2



  • Field Rations - Add P3Ds From Config (#170)
  • Field Rations - Add setting to control effect on advanced fatigue (#167)
  • Field Rations - Add water supply 3DEN attribute (#164)
  • Field Rations - Add settings to scale thirst/hunger restored (#160)
  • Field Rations - Add CBA events for consuming items and refiling bottles (#159)


  • Headless - Add naked unit bug workaround (#163)


  • Polish translation of Field Rations, Fortify and Headless. (#161)
  • Update Japanese translation. (#177)
  • Volume - Enable compile cache for acex_volume (#169)

UOTEST_A3 - Framework Beta

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UO Framework 1.0.4 added

Legacy mission support switches for functions: EGVAR(Core,Version_UpdatedNumber) and EGVAR(Core,Version_CreatedNumber) available in PreInit past EGVAR(Core,Enabled) check. Can be used for specific function changes and redirects based on version changes. Functions specific to an older version should be placed in an additional \Legacy\ folder.
Gear System CBA Events for loading 3den attribute unit and vehicle loadouts, as well as forcing specific loadouts to units and vehicles.
stringtable.xml and corresponding macros.
Gear System gear type config macro for later editing and addition of gear types.
EDEN_CHECK macro to exit on !is3den state.
VERSION_CHECK(VERSIONNUM) macro to exit on below VERSIONNUM input: eg. VERSION_CHECK(103) exits script if version is 102 or below.
Added Gear Preset selection system.
Added USMC 1980s Woodland gear preset.
Added US 1960s Woodland gear preset.
Added UK 2015 MTP gear preset.
Added UK 1980s Woodland gear preset.
Added UK 2010s MTP gear preset.
Added UK 1980s Desert gear preset.
Added MSV 1980s Woodland gear preset.
Added Iraq 1980s Desert gear preset.
Added Insurgents 90s Woodland gear preset.

Gear system now applies loadouts via EH inside 3den instead of on mission init.
AI Drivers activation through InitPost.
Hostage activation through InitPost.
ACRE add radio event now removes all radios before adding defined radios.
SafeStart defaults to lowered and on safe but no longer emptied magazine.
Start in Parachute activation through InitPost.
ACRE module adds radios to the ground if it cannot fit them in unit gear.
Safe Start adds unloaded magazine to the ground if it cannot fit it in unit gear.
Briefing Module displays tabs conditionally based on content (no longer shows empty tabs or entries).

Macro for SelfActions Cfg CfgClasses.
Cut Grass Animation EH
View Map Self Action condition
AO Limit Soft Notification
CaptureZone var and teamcontrolling var
End Conditions CaptureZone checking
End Conditions attribute AttrLoad and AttrSave
Debug display naming
Olsen gear script system is now functional!
Docs available here.

HeadlessAI and FireMission modules have been put on ice for the time being. (Their not dead, at least for now.)

Known Issues
Players in vehicles do not properly freeze at the end of missions caused by end-conditions triggering.
AutoAssetTracking does not properly track vehicle statistics due to improperly used macro.


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Restructure of UOMODS_A3 to comply with Steam Workshop Licensing issues that supersede historical licence agreements of authors and APL-SA.
Server will be offline for the next day until most of these issues are resolved.

The following content has been subdivided out of UOMODS_A3 to prevent possible licence conflicts between Steam Workshop distribution and prior licence agreements under APL-SA, or individual authors.
3CB Optional - Many
ITC Air and Land

The following content has been removed from the modpack due to inability to resign or securely use on the server with current public distribution.
A3 Paddle
DBO Bikes

The following content has been included in the modpack collection

At present the first pass of UOMODS_A3 is done, but the server is still not brought back up until a second pass is done. 
The following content still needs to be reviewed.

ACE - Directly approved redistribution, but new dependency cross conflicts with split optional files from other modpacks.
ACE Optionals
NIA/HLC Weapons
NIA/HLC ACE Compatibility Files
RuPal's Weapon Holding
& XCAM Editor Upgrade Object Placement compatibility.

Update - 2019-03-28

Rosche 1.2x Updated to Most Current.

The following content is pending an update or change in the future.
UOMODS_A3 - Above Listed Addons

UOACE_A3 - Now Broken due to cross compatibility requirements pushed by external addons.
ACE Public will now be used - but local overrides may exist by way of UOMODS_A3

997 -> 998
- [Added] ACRE2  radio box.
- [Added] Intercom accent functionality.
- [Added] Support for other signal models. Arcade and LOS Multipath.
- [Improvement] Display radio number in front of ACE interact.
- [Improvement] Allow Helicopter Gunner Copilot to access racks
- [Improvement] Change default radio keys and streamline key strings
- [Cleanup] Cleanup of deprecated features for 2.7.0.
- [Cleanup] General improvements in sys_data.
- [Cleanup] General improvements to sys_core.
- [Cleanup] Preparation for intercom GUI: convert the system to CBA Hashes.
- [Fix] Reveal to AI on headless and dedicated servers.
- [Fix] Case insensitive  intercom configuration.
- [Fix] API function setPressetChannelField.
- [Fix] API functions getRadioVolume and setRadioVolume are enabled.
- [Debug] Added debug output to signal return functions.

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