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20gb of @UOMODS - is this normal?

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How come all of my UO related mods have an .rsync file almost as big as the addons folder?


@UOMAPS_A3 : 20.5 GB (777 files)

.rsync : 9.51 GB (390 files)

addons : 11.00 GB (374 files)


@UOMODS_A3 : 8.45 GB ( 721 files)

.rsync : 3.95 GB (362 files)

addons : 4.50 GB (353 files)



But if i then look at something else like the @allinarmaterrainpack mod, I dont have this folder.

@allinarmaterrainpack : 8.50 gb (321 files)

No .rsync folder

addons : 8.50 GB (304 files)


Is this something UO is telling PWS to have a copy? - if so, why.



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That is how PWS works.

The instructions to setup the PWS application recommend that you place the SYNC folder outside of your traditional game folder if you are playing on a Solid State Drive, or have limited disk space on the location you installed ArmA.


See Image 1 - with Step 1 Instructions

Last line on Verify - Sqynq Directory with attached notes.



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The files you download are compressed (gzip) to make the download size as small as possible. PWS uses a technology called RSync which allows differential downloads (i.e. it only downloads the bytes that have changed in a particular file, instead of the entire thing.)


Because Arma can't read gzipped PBOs PWS needs to decompress these files before they're used, when it does this the file has technically changed which means when PWS next tries to update that file it will discover it has completely changed and will re-download the entire file, instead of just the bytes that have changed. PWS gets around this by keeping the compressed files in the .rsync folder and checks against them when it updates.


Potentially if the files PWS downloaded weren't compressed it wouldn't need to keep a copy to ensure differential downloading still worked, which may be why AiA doesn't have that folder. Alternatively it might have been deleted or moved or whatever...

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Technically, zsync (the mechanism we use for downloading data) can handle compression on the server side without having to save a local copy of the compressed data for delta comparisons (it's called look-inside). This means you wouldn't have the gigantic and largely unnecessary .rsync folder in your mods directory. More information on that here: http://zsync.moria.org.uk/paper/ch03s02.html (there's a few pages on the topic).


I think Sickboy just moved on to the new .synq mod structure before he thought about implementing this, so I wouldn't put too much hope on him going back and updating the old mechanism. That being said, with enough momentum behind it (I'm not sure how many other communities rely on the PWS repo-style system though), I'm sure it wouldn't take too much time to get a patch out for it.


Posted an idea here: https://getsatisfaction.com/withsix/topics/on-the-fly-delta-transfer-decompression-for-zsync-and-rsync

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I'm trying to free up some space on one of my disks (C:, an SSD, where OS and games are installed). I gather that the suggestion is to change the Synq directory to a new location  (in my case E:, a HDD).


Does the Synq directory refer to where the .rsync folders go? And if so, once I've set the new Synq directory, is it correct to then delete the .rsync folders from their original location (on C:)?


Is there likely to be much performance impact of changing both the Mod and the Synq directories to E: so that none of the mod files exist on C:?


Edit: missed a word

Edited by AshB

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Yes, Synq refers to the .rsync folders. Once you change this I believe it moves them on it own the next time you update, or you may manually move them.

If you manually move them or delete them after this change, they will be rebuilt from the data on your harddrive already, which may take more time before you can update.


Ideally you want to keep the game and the mods on a similarly performing drive.

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