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RPG7 Optic

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Here's a quick graphic explaining the RPG optic, it's not very intuitive if you're not familiar with it, hopefully this will help some people make some accurate shots in the future. (RIP 1st platoon)



PGO-7 Optic: Features reticle for use with the PG-7V (and by extension the Type 69) rocket


PGO-7V2 Optic: Features the same reticle as the PGO-7 with the addition of a scale for the PG-7VL on the right side.


PGO-7V3 Optic: Feature the aforementioned features with the addition of a scale for the TBG-7 and PG-7VR rounds on the bottom. (I will use this in my examples for the sake of simplicity)





Boresight: Where the rocket will fly immediately upon leaving the tube, only useful under 50m (probably resulting in serious injury or death to you)


PG-7V: This is the original HEAT rocket, with range increments from 100 out to 500m.


Type 69: This is a Chinese fragmentation rocket that is designed to bounce upwards after impact and explode about 2m above ground. Similar ballistics to the PG-7V and should be used with the same scale. Best used when aimed just short of the target to allow it to skip towards and above the target.


PG-7VL: This scale is for use with the improved heavier HEAT rocket, increments for 100, 150, 200, 300m range.


OG-7: This is the fragmentation round, it has no rocket motor and uses only a booster charge for propulsion from the tube. Approximate range holds are marked in yellow.


TBG-7V: This is a thermobaric rocket used primarily against personnel in enclosed spaces (although in ArmA it's likely just a larger HE rocket) Its heavier weight makes it accurate out to 200m


PG-7VR: This is a tandem HEAT rocket meant to defeat more modern MBTs, as with the TBG-7 this is a heavy rocket with similar range limitations and shares the same holds.




Range estimation: This is a simple range scale that will help you estimate the range of the target. Used against this BMP2, we place the 150m range mark on the bottom of the tracks, and measure where the curve meets the top of the turret. We can estimate this BMP2 is at 300m.



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Timing is off PieSpy.


I wasted about an hour the other night searching for a reference for this.



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A bit late, but thanks - now I dare to try out the RPG-7.


Is there an equivalent guide for the RPG-26?

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