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Canadian Remembrance Day - 11 Nov 14

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Another year goes by.


For those that are unaware, up here in Canada we celebrate the life and loss of our heroes on November 11th at 1100 AM, akin to the end of The Great War. Canadians everywhere share in the memories of their beloved family, friends, or share with those that have experienced the loss of a soldier in today's age. Whether the casualties have been under the Leaf, the Stars and Stripes, the Union, it does not matter. All are lamented in the memories of the those living. Today I hadn't seen a post about our version of a national wake; so I figured I would make one. 


As a veteran of the Afghan war (I call it that because we are no longer involved at a nationally recognized level), I have lost several of my friends and comrades in the perils that is the nature of a profession in arms. I think of those that had died in conflict, and not to reflect on the details of their death, but the details of their life. The latter of the two is significantly more difficult than the former. With death there are simple facts; this happened, then this happened, then it was all over. Period. 


However to be forced to recognize the life, more importantly their life and your relationship, you don't dwell on the "This happened, then this happened", you remember the feelings as well, whether they be joy or sorrowful. This brings on a whole new level of remembrance that brings justice to the day. 


So, as many of you bow your heads and think of someone or something during that 'moment of silence' just to fill your thoughts, do me a fucking favor. Look into your own life, look at someone you know and lost (military or not) and remember what they made you feel. Don't dwell on the act of their death, don't dwell on their life. Pick some experience that you shared, it could have been a conversation or when you two climbed a mountain, and remember the feelings that you shared with them. To me, this is remembering.


Anyone can read a book for facts, anyone can turn to the evening news for the play-by-play. Take it upon yourself to go beyond remembering and feel something, then I will turn the table and say "Thank You For Your Service", instead of you to mine.


I'll close with the Act of Remembrance:


"They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old. 

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. 

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning,

We Will Remember Them

We Will Remember Them."





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Very well written, thanks for reminding me of this, I had almost forgotten how to feel for others in there death. And not just this day but any other day. Thanks a lot.

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Ottawa Remembrance day 2014



Thousands applaud as Canadian veterans march the streets in Ottawa



A good vid I came across with Flanders fields poem.

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It is an amazing sight to see the national fervor this month spawns. I missed the events in Toronto, but wish one day to see them in Ottawa. I sincerely thank you zedic and all those others who've fought for, and preserved, our way of life, as well of those whom it has cost everything; I've not


known anyone who has passed to these conflicts, past or present, but can vaguely imagine a life with our revered liberties curtailed; and again I'd like to thank you, and all those who taken time to serve or yet continue to.

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