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Interrest in a Platoon leaders Course?

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So while i am still trying to get someone who knows how to use a computer to make a sort of training mission like we had in arma 2 i have been looking into what else i could be teaching, and i remembered an oldie called the Platoon leaders course.


The Platoon leaders course is in of course not a course that will magic you into a good platoon leader, but it is a course that will familiarize you with a lot of concepts used by platoons and their commanders.

The course does not happen on the arma 3 server, but is rather a series of lectures held over Google drive PowerPoint. It is also a long Course.

In its current form the course consists of 5 lectures each lasts for 2-3 hours. The contents are as follows.

A lecture on basic concepts in warfare and a little military conceptual theory. We then have 4 courses covering: Defending, Marching/Advancing, Assaulting, And finally the all encompassing Raiding.


The course will also be supplemented by some reading materials for reference throughout the course. And lots of concepts can be expanded on as needed.


Let me know if you are interested in sitting around in TS and listen to me drone on about Tactics and concepts for several hours. A week from now i will announce the starting dates if the interrest seems to be there. If you would add your time zone when you sign up i will see about compromising so we get some decent time slots for as many as possible.

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Yes, and squad leader course. Best weekdays evenings, esp. Tue/Wed - any time.  My zone UTC -8 (PST).


Maybe during the old Tac Tuesday time slot?

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Hell Yeah! been waiting for another course for like, forever now lol..


GMT +3 btw :) 


Thanks Godhand...

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Never too late to learn something new.

Would appreciate any afternoon or evening in the week except for tuesday afternoon, GMT+1.

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I'm not ready or even thinking on taking a platoon leader role, but I would love to attend this and get some more knowledge on the matter if that's ok.



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