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Canadian soldiers killed in Canada

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Soon after Prime Minister Harper intervened in Syria/Iraq the terror level was raised and this event occurred after the raising of the terror level. 

I've only seen local police beefing up their patrols and security of Government/Military buildings as well as memorials. There has been a patrol car sitting at the Provincial Legislature Building as well as the Reserve base here for past two days.


I wouldn't be surprised if security continues to increase over the next few days.

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Yeah, I fear that the sheepish, mass-media indulgent majority of the United States will call for it, shit, we've already got a bunch of religious nuts, westboro shootoffs, attacking Muslims at my University, verbally and physically. Fucking disgrace to western society and Christianity as a whole.

Absolutely, what separates Christianity as well as Taoism, Buddhism, and all other peace-loving religions is the initiation of violence.  Christianity was not spread by the sword, I don't know how the WBBC could ever claim to be on the moral high-ground when they mock Jesus' teachings with such actions.


you guys need to stop arguing. they're stupid religious extremists and nothing more.

Muslims are known for being conquerors, it's been that way since Muhammad decided to raid his first caravan.  It's a religion that lives by the sword, there's so much evidence that shows this and with the recent events I dunno what it's gonna take for you to wake up and realize that not all Religions are the same, you gotta judge them based on their message and merits.



Birdy, i agree with Harper's interventionist approach; I have family in turkey, and i think letting a build up of terrorists and what not in unstable countries like iraq and syria. We could've left them alone, but we have commitments to those countries and NATO members. I hate talking politics on the forums, find me in TS if you wanna but heads  :tongue:


I don't, I'd prefer to stay the heck out of other people's business.  Dunno if you've noticed but Turkey hasn't exactly been the best NATO member as of late.


I don't really like talking "home-front" politics, geopolitics are much more interesting, that and banking systems...




Also I think it's BS that the media plays this up so much here, forgetting about the victims. It was an important matter, however, I want to know about our protectors and not the terrorists.


Interesting that you say that, I haven't watched mainstream news in years, but ZZEZ says his news isn't doing that... Wonder why...




Harper's gonna have a tough campaign and nasty fight with Trudeau over this.


Harper is probably done, I don't think much of that Trudeau weasel, however.  I don't like anyone that wants to throw my money at their problems.




I hope this event makes the politicians up our defense spending.


I don't want to pay more taxes.



Birdy doesn't understand that this is a war against the West and these people could care even less if Canada loves or hates Israel, I think the media coverage of this terrorist attack was alright, it focused on the heroes instead of the terrorists, at least the media here did, specifically talking about Kevin Vickers who stopped the terrorist.

I totally understand it's a war against the West, all I'm pointing out is why we're among the first targets.  To ignore Canada's relationship with Israel is to ignore the reality of the situation we find ourselves in now.  I'd be surprised if a country like Ireland was a big target for ISIS.


Vickers is a badass. It's good to hear that the media isn't giving much credence to the shitheads that initiated this attack, It might be because they don't want to seem "Islamaphobic" or maybe people are just getting tired of the "There's a boogieman - quick, give up your rights so you can be safe!" Shtick that's on most TV news.  The way I see it the news is far more interested in fear mongering than getting their stories straight, after the Zimmerman and the Ferguson cases I don't see how anybody could trust them.


This attack was carried out the same day that lady from Pakistan was meant to be given her honourary Canadian citizenship from Harper himself, I can't help but think this had something to do with it.

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I can't put into words how I feel about what happened.


All CFBs were on lockdown. I'm not sure if that has changed, but I doubt it.

They messed with the wrong country.

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