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Teamspeak Setup for use with ArmA 3

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To ensure that all functions are working properly - Please run Teamspeak 3 as an Administrator with Windows 7/8/10


The following Teamspeak settings will help to ensure that your client is setup for basic compatibility with ACRE.  

Individual sound settings vary greatly per client, and you may need to adjust your sound settings beyond these options as required individually.


Enable Push to Talk, while disabling advanced sound functions.  

Many of the Advanced Options can interfere with your voice quality and delays on what others may hear, or not hear when you are speaking.

Automatic Voice Gain Control will disrupt any sort of consistency with your broadcast settings.

*NOTE Windows and Programs such as Skype may also be attempting change these settings in addition to the options presented with Teamspeak.





Under Capture Settings - If you have any difficulties with ACRE Radios not responding to your keystrokes, match these settings.




Change your playback settings to the following so that clients are positioned properly with 3D Audio.



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Updated for Teamspeak 3.0.16

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