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http://empyriongame.com/?page_id=1345&ref=278 (my referral link)

empyriongame.com/?page_id=1345&ref=226 (Emerald's referral link, who brought this game to my attention)


Really interesting new space game. Start out on a planet with some weird looking monsters and have to build defenses and eventually a space ship to leave orbit and go explore and have space fights. There's singleplayer, Co-op, PvP.


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Looks like space engineers simplified massively and with monsters added. Meh.

EDIT: Oh and that computer terminal for the mothership is an almost exact copy.

+1 for PVE, different monsters, caves on planets, PLANETS, 


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Empyrion: Galactic Survival has launched on Steam Early Access for $16.19 today, sale ends August 12th.


To change your playername, just click on the Main Menu where it says "Player", then delete "Player and put in your own name.


To play Multiplayer Co-Op, the host just needs to just port forward 30000 and then Start or load a game.

To connect to the host's game, just get their external IP, then put in the port as well.

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MASSIVE New Update to Empyrion. They added and changed so many things it almost seems like a different game. Also, it's currently $10.79 USD on the Steam Sale.


I feel like the biggest change is you can no longer fly directly from planet to planet; you actually have to build a Carrier Vessel to jump from Planet to Planet.




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