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Elite: Dangerous

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Not very thrilled with the unnecessary and forth-wall breaking component of including "Elite Dangerous" in the name within the game Elite Dangerous.

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Assuming, yes..


UOSF - United Operations Space Force

UOSC - United Operations Space Command

UOSF - United Operations Space Fleet

UOSN - United Operations Space Navy


.. you know, the usual stuff.

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Generally titles are per Title Name - Air Forces was an outlier.


UOED would be applicable.


UOPS was planetside, SQ was Squad, and SB was Steel Beasts.


Officer/Regular Management - Creation of the group/outfit would be needed from an administrative level, for later promotion and or adoption. But Volunteer running/invites/etc is fine so long as there is an option for these non supported games to later be community managed/included.

I am unfamiliar with how management of Groups within ED are currently handled. If I need to create this group, and then invite a manager to invite people into the game, that is fine, so long as secondary people can do invite roles.

At present I see no need to restrict any one from trying to participate, and if need be it can even be an open invite group.

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In this case the UOED being discussed above was mainly in relation to the in-game Squad 4 character ID and name and not how the group, if applicable, would be referred to at UO.


Squadrons, in-game, can be handed over to another player. In-game management has multiple ranks, all of which have configurable names and levels of authorised actions per rank.

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Another really good fan-made video that showcases some of the new stuff in Elite Dangerous..

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Just joined up!


I haven't played much (despite having the game for a year), as you could tell, but I'm looking forward to getting back into it!

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I finally finished grinding for a Corvette, now i just need engineering...
Anyone still playing this? is there a clan?



Found you guys, let's do this


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Found you

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On 2/16/2019 at 7:09 PM, DrSlaughterRex said:

I haven't been on in a little bit, but I'm about to restart my corvette grind. 


I've been doing rescue missions, but I'm unsure if there's anything as consistent.

level 5 to 12 Federation:
Go to Earth - Sol
3 stations orbiting it, filled to the brim with fed factions.
Take a type 9 and take as many REP++++ source and return and water mining missions as you can (make sure you can source all the materials at the same station).
Sometimes there are good REP++++ delivery missions.
The destinations for the missions are also fed factions, so donate there as well.

After 4 days and 250M CR, you'll get your corvette...

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