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Mark Interiis

CMRT Ivan's coming

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Playing a CMRT quick battle against AC atm, even if I am probably gonna get wiped by the OP russians, this thread will AAR my death.

I am playing a recently reformed unit of grenadiers which is in the way of a soviet breakthrough spearhead.


Overview of forces

1 Company (127 men not counting crew)
    HQ team (Lehman)
    Panzerjäger team
    3 x Platoon (35 men each)
        HQ team (Klapp, Kamps and Polak)
        3 x Squad (Grenadier)
        2 x Panzerschrek
    Machinegun Section (15 men)
        HQ team (Wittman)
        2 x HMG Squad
    Pz V ausf. G (Panther) (Hessel)
    2 x Marder III ausf. M (Uldall and Keller)
AA Platoon (25 men)
    HQ team (Meckel)
    3 x 20mm FlaK 38
AT Platoon (24 men)
    HQ team (Follak)
    3 x 75mm PaK 40
Battalion assets
2 x 2 81mm sGrW34 mortars (off map)
Expected reinforcements
StuG III aust. G
Pz VI aust. E (Tiger)
2 x Ju 87D Stuka elements (Strafe)


Franz Lehman was a newly minted company commander in the German army, his unit was reformed and his instructions were clear although the lack of experienced personnel left something to want in 1. company.

They arrived at the river last night, but opted to get some long deserved sleep after initial deployment rather than digging in, Ivan wasn't coming here anyway and redeployment orders would come soon enough.

After an early breakfast in the rain Lehman went to familiarize himself with firstly the other unit commanders and secondly the ground.


In charge of the anti tank gun platoon he found a loud and bulky man named Follak.

Follaks instructions had been equally clear, to deploy in defense at the small hamlet overlooking the river. (SW village)

Fortunately he wasn't objectionable to the request of a single gun being relocated north and provide flank shots if the enemy came straight on.

Meckel was the short dark haired anti-air platoon commander in the area, he reported directly to a remote battery commander and had nothing but demands.

Several armored vehicles had retreated across the river during the night and Lehman ordered the marders on the flanks while the heavily armored panther would form a centerpiece to control the combat.


The grounds were amicable for defense though our numbers less than what was required in this sector.

High ground to the north with several intact buildings would form the left flank.

The village to the south-west offered many good options to emplace heavy weapons also even if it was a predictable position we would certainly have to mount a defense from here.

In between these two areas were low flat fields with unharvested grain with two clusters of buildings, and some woods on the close side of the river.

They might work if we had more forces, but the spread out nature meant if detected, we would surely be destroyed quick.

About a kilometer out the terrain rose again into a thick wood-line stretching north to south and a large wooded hill with a stream running down it's side along a road.


If we were to have any warning of Ivan, we needed eyes over that hilltop.

The radio crackled with bad new and good, Ivan was definitely coming and it wouldn't be long, but a tiger tank, a stug and a Luftwaffe controller would join us within the hour.


Polak would form the left.

Kamps would form the main defense at the village along with Wittman.

Klapp with his platoon would patrol out to the hill and let us know when Ivan had arrived.



Overview of terrain (Blue is deployment sector, green is irrelevant)

AO top down



View from SW village



View from N buildings



View along north edge


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Rich story Mark.


Where did you get the background personnel info? Imagination or historical research?


Thanks for this.

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Rich story Mark.


Where did you get the background personnel info? Imagination or historical research?


Thanks for this.


The personal stuff is randomly generated by the game, we made the rest up through collaborate story telling.

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19 minutes in lieutenant Klapp is hauling ass through the low ground near the river to get to the next defensive position.

The platoon had been conducting half-hourly patrols, but failed to report Ivan before the report of contact 500m SE of the platoon resting place.

Several micro-engagements have occurred as the enemy moves west and into the gully immediately south, but 1st platoon has failed to ambush significant enemies and must now retreat to avoid being cut off.

Luckily, it appears one of the three casualties caused is an RTO so we will likely have hindered enemy mortar efforts.

As they ran a burst of SMG fire came through the platoon from the NE, catching an AT-assistant.


Based on the enemy recon effort I expect the infantry to be equipped with a large amount of SMGs.

As such they will attempt to get as close to the river as possible before forcing a crossing.

Likely through the forest on the hill, but it could all be a feint for an attack along the northern tree-line supporting a mounted effort across the northern fields.

We should engage in defense with no less than platoon strength at as long a range as possible.


Image below:
1st platoon marked in yellow.

Blue and green lines represent secondary defensive positions to be occupied based on the enemy movement.


Edited by Mark Interiis

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Balance is inferior, combat pace is better.

Not being able to control air support is meh.

Only about 10% of the custom content available.


Overall it's a sidegrade, will become a downgrade when the 3.0 patch for CMBN comes out.

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Looking at it, seems that Russians have the same issue as the Brit Paras, lots of SMGs.  That the balance that comes through or something else?

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After a long hiatus, the game has sprung to life again.

The situation hasn't changed significantly since the last update but I'll post again as soon as it does.

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After a short rest in the houses on the west edge of the hill, 3 squad is ready to move out again.

Despite best efforts of the grenadier they've been unable to put a grenade just right to kill the nest of russians that undoubtedly lurk up along the gully where they can see a helmet.


In the meantime, Meckel with the FlaK platoon has thoroughly confused the battalion level mortar assets much to Lehmans dismay, if only they had registered a TRP on that damn hill.

It will be a while before they can get shells dropping in depth on the enemy.

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23rd minute

The Stukas have been circling overhead for some minutes, presumably trying to contact us, but with the Luftwaffe officer nowhere to be found, their independent strafing run begins. (Targeting the forests SE of Center village.)

1'3B let off a few last suppressive bursts to force Ivans head down before they bolt out the back door hot on the heels of 1'3A, not 30 seconds later, as they duck behind the rearmost building, a tank shell smashes through the roof of the building they were in.

With the appearance of a tank I can rule out an infantry only formation, which means we will likely see a contest of long range weapons over the next half hour or so. I particularly look forward to the well hidden panther saying hello to whatever is on that hill.

(My guess would be that I am facing a desant formation.)

Edited by Mark Interiis

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First half hour has expired.


The preceding 5 minutes I've been doing recon by fire with my AA platoon, firing 5 rounds burst sporadicly into the forests to see if the russians either shoot back or leg it.


It seems like the main combat element has been caught up to the recon forces, I can hear tanks moving around and it seems like the stukas have been attacking them.

1st platoon is defending on loose order across a 600m deep position in the middle, currently engaged with riflemen and anti-tank rifles 200m from the forward-most element.

I doubt I will be able to successfully pull them back from the river now that the swampy areas are overwatched so they will have to do their best with the help of the machineguns.

With no tanks in sight anywhere I'm directing my panther to provide direct fire against the enemies in front of 1st platoon.


2nd platoon in the main objective is under mortar fire with 1 dead, 1 wounded. They're still hunkered down and I don't expect they will come into play until a crossing is attempted.


3rd platoon up north has detected infantry hurrying their movement west along the woods, the AA cannon fire must have spooked them.

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Russian heavy mortars have destroyed Follaks right gun with a point mission, in addition they are conducting a general bombardment in depth on the SW hamlet. (see video)

There seems to be a rather heavy weight of mortars which I'm not quite sure what to make of.



So far I've identified an AT rifle platoon as the forward-most enemy and a wheeled machine-gun was seen traversing the hill.

My expectation is that the bulk of enemy forces has formed up on the large wooded hill so I'll begin putting out as much fire as I can from the forward machine-guns onto and over that hill in order to destroy their morale before an assault begins.

FlaK platoon is firing on all point targets identified and I've let off a few HE shells from the marders.

With the arrival of my StuG along the northwestern road I'm placing the northern marder back on flank security while the StuG will take over bombardment of the hill.

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Waldstein has arrived with his Tiger tank, fresh from repairs at the service point 5km to the west.

Jumping out of the tank to speak with Lehman at the CP they agree, not knowing what armored assets the russians have the area yet to keep the tiger well back and supporting with the 88, it's been years since the tiger was impenetrable to russian tank guns.

Waldstein will take position between the AA platoon and the southern hamlet, overwatching the granary and the road leading up to the river.


Meanwhile 2 men from the rightmost gun escaped the carnage around their gun as the high intensity point mission subsides, they will have to retrieve the ammo and supply the other gun later.

The infantry platoon in their vicinity has one further casualty to the area strike, morale is becoming an issue for these rookies as they're all coming under fire for the first time.


On the russian side of things a very lucky AT rifleman survives 3 75mm HE shells and a burst of 20mm all in the span of 20s, he then gets back up and fires his rifle at my forward-most platoon.

I do hope this isn't indicative of their experience and morale. (video)

A further AT-rifle section has entered the granary under sporadic fire from my northern forces and are looking like they want to occupy the buildings.


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