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"Fury" - Movie Trailer and Discussion

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I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. It turned out to be more than just an action movie. To me it was a movie with some interesting characters that just so happens to be a tank crew. Yes, there are some clichés regarding the characters (Bible, the new guy, Gordo etc), but it never became cringe worthy or immersion breaking. In fact I kind of liked the slight overplaying by them all especially in regards to their rampart PTSD and how detached they eventually became to the world outside of the armour. Some nice visuals also helped bring along the horrors of war, though I would have loved to see some more tank battles and some clever use of tactics.   


Actors actually operated the tank, that alone puts it miles above other movies.

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I've seen it yesterday and it's probably the best war movie I've seen since saving private Ryan long time ago. I loved the way they shown it, no sugarcoating, just showing how fucked up war was physically and mentally to everyone involved.

Also nice to see the Germans portrayed as enemy soldiers and not villains like in many war movies

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It's a great movie, unless you have any knowledge about the history or the tactics of the period, in which case it rapidly becomes clear that the film is complete bollocks.


The German Army in April 1945 was in a state of total collapse, particularity on the western front, much of it was encircled and close to surrender in the Ruhr pocket. While there was still fierce resistance in many parts of Germany, in every case the allies had the numbers and fire power and quickly pushed aside any remaining forces. The unit that the characters are supposed to be a part of, the 2nd Armoured division, at the time period that the film is supposedly set, advanced so rapidly in 2 weeks in early April that they went halfway across Germany in their advance, from the Rhine to the Elbe.


The duel with the Tiger tank is completely ahistorical, most German armoured units tanks were non-operational at this stage of the war, due to both mechanical unreliability and lack of spare parts. The remaining operational German tanks couldn't even move in daylight because of fear of getting attacked by allied ground attack aircraft. German tanks would try and engage allied tanks at range, from concealed positions, both to try and avoid air strikes, but also because the allies had large numbers of tanks at this stage that could comfortably deal with German heavy tanks at ranges below 1000m, such and the Sherman Firefly and the Easy 8.


There should be none of the “oh your platoon is all we have to defend this position” bullshit in the film. The western allies invaded Germany with 4.5 million men, more than 4 times the number of German defenders. There was complete superiority in both men and material on every level. Any losses for the allies were rapidly replaced by a stream of replacement men and equipment.


On a different note, both the American and German infantry seem to know no other tactics other than to charge at each other in the film and none of the Germans apparently worked out how to use a Panzerfaust.


Just as an action film it's alright, as war film though, it fucking sucks and completely misrepresents the events and the style of fighting that was happening at this stage of the war. To be fair the sheer scale of the conflict would make it hard even for even Hollywood budget to do justice to, but if they wanted an “against the odds,” WW2 tank film, there were plenty of other settings they could have chosen, like the fighting in the Bocage, or the Kassarine Pass or the Ardennes.

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I wasn't exactly expecting any historical accuracy, just an actionmovie.

But yes, the germans' aim in the movie was so bad it became annoyingly unbelievable.

You could say that indeed the germans were pretty much done for, desperate, ill-equiped, malnourished and overrun.

Some fanatics remained and they showed the kids fighting, and strung up...

Also the speed of the advance (or 'race to Berlin') did cause problems for the allied forces and made them take some risks.


Alas, indeed a missed opportunity ...

What can you say? Hollywood?

A 3.5 hour long epic (to actually explain, show the scale, etc.) might have been too much for the general public?

I bet most people won't even know.

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When brad pitt is talking to the captain of the infantry unit, the map has markers on it. It also shows their company lane. Pretty neat touch. I like the movie, not too bad.



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