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What are you dedicated to? Besides UO (or UO). Is it high school sports, college education, moving out of your parent's basements, whatever it is. 


Personally I like to think I am dedicated to UO in a way, I have at least 10 pages bookmarked, everything from game/forum SOP's and charter, ban formatting, flight formations for UOAF, and notes from training courses. I mean, who doesn't right? Right? 


Besides UO I spend a lot of time working with another community that I play DayZ with. Granted that community is in a downwards spiral of horrible leadership, and overall douchey people, but I am trying to help them out to get back to what they once were. It's a long and boring story.


So that's really it as far as my "gaming/online" life. IRL I work for a church (yes I know). I help maintain their website, as well as run the audio/visual board for the services. It doesn't pay well, but it gives me something to do, and I'm good friends with a lot of the youth there so we like to hang out. Besides that I have a brother with aspergers so it is interesting living with him. I love him to death, he's funny, EXTREMELY smart, but he doesn't pick up social cues so it's a bit aggravating to talk to him when I am tired, but I love him nonetheless.


And the last thing, and probably my favorite: Piano. I have been playing the piano for as long as I can remember. It is really the only thing that I am naturally good at. One of my favorite things to do is listen to a song, get it stuck in my head, and then I could sit at my keyboard (or the piano when no one else is home) and just figure it out. It is just a lot of fun for me to turn something in my head into a real, enjoyable sound. We don't really know where I picked up piano as I never had any lessons, I guess it's just because we've always had one in the house. But piano really is my favorite thing in the world, and I can not imagine not having, at the very least a midi keyboard, around.


So that's all I could think of at 2 A.M. local, so what about you guys; what do y'all like to do!    

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Are you implying that I leave my chair in my basement?


Heh, but really:


I have been playing WoW on and off since 2006, which holds a lot of nostalgia. I have also been into aviation since the first time I rode an airplane and have been playing Flight Simulator since FS2002. So much lag on our family computer but in 2007 I inherited my grandfather's desktop which was a little bit better (had to place a graphics card in the damn thing). That was when I really got into computer gaming.


Like every kid at that time Xbox was huge and the 360 had come out so yeah I was a cod kiddie up until 6th or 7th grade when I obtained my first gaming laptop (lol, so fucking bulky). Then I got a job when I turned 14 and saved up and built the computer I am using now but many upgrades later. I still have that job today (UPS Store).


Other than gaming I do recreational Ultimate Frisbee and go to school (I'll be a senior this fall).


I really don't have an interesting life lol.

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I live for UO. It's the reason I get up in the afternoon and the reason I don't go to bed until the morning. UO IS LIFE!

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I'm always listening to sermons/homilies when I have time;

I listen 2 hours of a philosophy course every week;


That's about it.


Oh, and I have 6 EVE accounts and I'm also pretty good with FPSs.

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My wife and I celebrated one year since our wedding ceremony last night. I'd consider that a pretty dedicated part of my life.


But generally I'm a pretty boring person, I'm pretty dedicated to filling up my steam library with games I never play, 165 so far. 

I've also been in school for like a billion years. I'm pretty dedicated to changing my mind and not getting a degree in anything.


Though I'm not a rabid fan like many of the younger watchers, I do watch a lot of RT/AH content, and have watched RvB since its inception. Screw traditional entertainment via cable TV.

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Since I was a kid, I've been involved in aviation, so hence the passion for it. My hobbies are photography, paragliding (getting back into it), flying wherever I can and basically anything aviation. I guess UO too. Source of money is a job in security (not too bad I guess).

In my spare time, I'm either here or on flightsims (going 9 years now, since FS2002..khm..Gabee..khm..).


When I'm out, I try to combine my hobbies as much as I can.














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I go outside and go camping a lot.  I find those things like building things out of rope and sticks and eating what you catch very fulfilling.  I'm hoping to join the military out of college though I am torn between either Infantry in the Army or MC or being a part of CSAR with the Air Force.  Currently I study at a vocational school to be a drafter.  It kinda sucks but I guess it's a good thing to do.  Really it's all just for college.

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Ever since I bought my motorcycle last year, I have been driving it like crazy (in the few months that it doesn't snow). I like going to meetups  and riding with others.

This is the biked stored for winter in the laundry room :sad:



Thankfully its been nice the past few days so I was able to take it out!




There was a professional photographer in the Ride for Dad event last year and he took this picture!



I also like flying! This is mini Mixtrate Flying a Cessna a long time ago.



I was really lucky to start my Private Pilot Training last year, which I'm hoping I can finish this year to move on to Commercial and maybe one day Airline.



I also love electronic and software.



I also love volunteering. I teach exam prep session at the university that I attend. I’m also going on the trip to Guatemala. Here is Professor Mixtrate (standing on the left) teaching a class on C++.


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Whether it's coaching, refereeing, or playing, I am pretty much married to soccer at this point. I've been playing since I was a wee little 4 year old, and have only missed two seasons (one for an injury, the other for monetary reasons (the team that I wanted to play for, and had offered me a place on their team, cost somewhere in the thousands of dollars for a season. It was a pretty well known club in the area, and often goes to college combines and gets scouted for talent by colleges/next level up clubs. I didn't have the money for it, so I ended up not playing that season at all)). I helped coach at my old high school for the varsity team in the Fall, and now am asst. coach for a local U19 mens team, and a U16 recreational team that I got stuck with. On top of that, I mention this almost all the time, but I referee games for my state, regional matches, and in a few weeks I'm assigned to some national youth club matches. When I say youth, I'm talking under the age of 20 years old. Is a blast.


Beyond that, I'm dedicated to my career choice and getting the education I need to pop into it (sports kinesiotherapy/athletic training).

I also found out that I really like first aid, which is good, because that goes pretty well with what I want to do in the future. I'm thinking about taking classes to become certified as an EMT as 1. a fallback job, and 2. a job to pay for schooling. It also helps to beef up my resume when I do apply to transfer colleges, and some day when I apply for a job.


I only work here.

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This stupid block has consumed 27 hours of my life and counting.


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I'm pretty dedicated to my job [Head Minion Supervisor at a walmart]


I'm pretty big into league of legends.


Music used to be my main thing, but I intermingled a girlfriend into music and when one went south, so did the other. 

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I forgot to mention, "dedicated" might not be the best word for it but certainly when I'm traveling I fancy myself an amature photographer. My dad was a photojournalist for the stars and stripes in Vietnam, and it caused me to hold photography as a hobby.








Also travelling.

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