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UO: Videos from Arma 3

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on TVT77_The_Hill_v1, 2016-04-10 21:21:45Z




Quite possibly my greatest (and luckiest?) accomplishment to this day.


Since y'all werent able to hear the in-game comms when the incident with the circular running reload happened, this was the exchange:


Him: "Why is everyone around me dead?"

Me: "The same reason you're about to die too"


Me: "... Crap... This is awkward."

*Initiates reload while running in circles around the guy*

Him: "Wuhhhh?"


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Well I guess the secret is out by now on this one. Thought this was a bit entertaining.



Remember gents, buildings are not clear, until the rooftops are when there is access to them, especially when there are fortifications on them. Eitherway, must have been intense for the ones infiltrating, and a hell of a surprise for the defenders.

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Well, one thing to take away from these two vids, if your going to clear a compound, don't do it alone, and if your going to flood it, then flood it good or your just going get taken down 1 by 1. Also if you have multiple entry / breach points and you have the manpower to hit them simultaneously, then do so. Either way, enjoy, twas fun to watch.




(took 4 tries to get this one in HD....)


EDIT: Fixed, they are now public

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