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Removal of Dylan

Remove Dylan as a Regular?  

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But that isn't what happened, haribo told dylan not to release the footage and he did, he was fired for it. As far as I'm concerned the punishment was carried out. The only thing dylan was prevented from doing was making the video, he wasn't being "screwed over" beyond what he himself did to himself. In that regard there's nothing wrong. His reaction and his behavior was what was wrong. He basically said, "the footage that I made for the community can't be used anymore", instead of helping the community by letting them keep the footage, he chose to be selfish. He has every right to be selfish, but from my perspective, if you're going around talking about how good for the community you are, you're not helping your case by shooting a community project in the foot.


I wouldn't give someone the results of my labor if they just told me I couldn't make their video anymore. They don't want the contents, they don't get the contents. I don't understand what the problem with releasing the footage in the first place stems from. So what if people see it? They're going to see it when the intro was finished and used in a UOTC video anyway.


Maybe I'm not on page with the whole bureaucratic nonsense going on. Regardless, that's just my two cents. 

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As a content maker (Guides, Applications and other related stuff) myself for the company I work for, I fully understand why Dylan withdrew the permission to use it. If you'd get fired for a simple thing, releasing something that wouldn't harm the community in any way this would been taken to the UNION. But now since this is a community, lets take it in mind that the footages and editing was for free, right? Cool. But yet he was removed/fired from the team for releasing something he made and wasn't in any way owned by UO (Except the logo which is already public and the name). That my friend is breach of publishing materials as a private person, he hasn't signed any contracts (Correct me if I'm wrong) saying that any work he does belongs to UO therefor they should follow SOP. I could keep going on but I'll short it, if you're mad that he withdrew his contents? Then you should blame yourself for firing him for a pity thing in my own opinion. My last five cents there.


Why give when you can't take?

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Volunteering and then failing to perform to satisfaction is more admirable than not volunteering at all. I see no reason to remove someone from the community because of their actions on a voluntary project.


Voting no while humming the 'Marktank' song.

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I dunno about this one. On one hand Dylan comes across as spiteful, the other he comes across helpful....






.............................Hang on, Thor finished downloading....

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I'd agree that really Dylan is within his rights to keep hold of any work he has done. I agree this isn't a reason to remove him as a regular. I also maintain that personal disagreement and private videos (no matter how they were later shared and distributed) are also not grounds to remove people. I think complaining is healthy and also believe that if I don't have someone complaining at least once about me then I am not affecting the community enough to be a regular. 

I do, However, have to also consider J.B's point. And explain why I think this removal thread was badly formed and is a good reason why perhaps some consideration in the future needs to be given to how removal threads are created. I still believe that what Dylan has been charged with in this thread boils down to hot heads clashing.


I would have been more swayed if Azzworts post had been the original complaint. Clear and concise points of clear disruption of UO. Each point can be verified and allow Dylan to address specific problems in this thread. It also allows us to focus on concrete things and moves away from "well I don't like him" posts. I am not saying they are correct but they are actual things we can investigate and judge as opposed to opinion and hearsay. 


As to J.B's point all regulars are judge by their actions in general. It is a hobby and we occasionally have off days, unless that off day involves a murder spree or something equally vial I hope our past efforts would count for something.


Now with all that said;


This removal thread would have been better served by the question;-  Is Dylan unfit to be a regular due to a history of poor judgement and either a inability or unwillingness to listen and improve?


  1. Azzwort has provided individual points that indicate actual events that could be considered problematic.
  2. His way of dealing with criticism has also been presented. The events are not in my opinion public (you may disagree but we don't have definitions of what we mean by public so how do we decide?) but can point to poor judgement.

To answer this question people need to ask;


  1. does the charge in itself (regardless about who the subject is) break SOP and/or warrants regular removal?
  2. Are the points presented by Azzwort valid; do you believe they are accurate?
  3. Do all the points presented amount to the original charge or are they not enough to qualify?


Answer yes to all three then you are obliged to vote yes to his removal. Answer no to any of the points then you should vote no. If you feel that he is guilty of some other offence then tough you will have to write another removal thread otherwise how can anyone make any decision with any thought at all?


Note: I say this while in the knowledge that this wasn't how the thread was made and quite frankly is the reason why these things turn in such shit storms. 


I would also like to thank people in this thread in keeping things civilized. Disagreement is healthy in a environment of respect.

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Voting no


Azzworts points are true, and by the looks of this thread Dylan could do with practising his negative feedback revision


Could Dylan do with some improvement? Probably

Does he hurt the community? I dont believe so


As for the whole situation with the UOTC video I believe it oculd have been handled better by both sides!!


I think that Dylan should make more of an effort to play nice with the other kids.


Maybe if in the future this pattern continues I'll vote yes, but for now all I'd like to think that this thread will have the effect of knocking some heads together and making people cop on to themselves


I finish with the age old saying


"Cant we all just get along?"

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Facts as I know them as of right now:


Dylan has never been banned from the game server, or from TS (if he has, it was not documented).


Dylan participates more than some Regulars in discussion of server policies.


Dylan at times posts videos from UO on YouTube, does not mention UO in the video description or title. Some of these videos are derpy. Videos that do mention UO such as the Year in Review videos he has previously posted are sometimes featured on the UO official YouTube channel.


Dylan (as it has been mentioned) has a slightly different view on how some missions should be played out, disagreement does not mean he is instantly a horrible Regular.


Dylan volunteered to make an intro for UOTC. Whether he was specifically told to not release the footage to the general masses, I don't know. Regardless, he was removed from the project and in turn did not allow his intro to be used. I don't see how this harms UnitedOperations or the UOTC office in any way other than now they don't have an intro for their videos, and lets face it, part of it is their fault, part of it being Dylan's as well. In any sense, this  is a moot argument.


The PRO has had issues with Dylan in the past, re: his YouTube videos. Since there is no SOPs regarding the release of content captured on the services provided by UO onto YouTube, I can understand that it may be frustrating since some of his videos contain people acting in a retarded fashion, and not in a tactical fashion. See point 3.



1. he sometimes lead but his leading is poorly organised and stems in a low level of tactical understanding and often turns into each squad getting and objective and then not interacting with them until its done.
2. he trivialises the rules to the new people.
I have yet to see him trying to do a single thing on the server that remotely looks like what UOTC has been trying to teach, and he seems to pride himself in it.

1. Bad leadership is not a grounds for Regular removal. Simply blacklist him from leadership positions, or can Regulars not be added to the blacklist?

2. I haven't witnessed this, nor have I heard or seen anything different.

3. Probably, but I personally won't jump to conclusions such as him taking pride in not being up to UOTC standards.


Regarding the pre-draft for the UOTC script, using the words "or something" is not even close to grounds for removal, and was to be changed before the final draft. Pointless point.

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Voting yes.


I am writing this from the perspective of a PRO, keep that in mind:

Thanks for the only legitimate argument against my removal. I appreciate how this isn't a bunch of lies or personal bias, despite the fact that they are all horribly wrong =)


1. The end of 2011 was really the first time I encountered dylan in any meaningful capacity, he was asked to create the 2011 year in review video. We asked him to utilize either a non-copywritten piece of music or, preferably, no music and do something more clip-showy. User ignored our requests and made a video with copywritten music that was instantly flagged by youtube when uploaded to our channel. Dylan's solution was to adjust the speed of the music so that it would sound ok but be indistinguishable to the content tracker on youtube. This did not work. User placed the video on his youtube and we lost potential advertising for the community from that video as it was not part of our official youtube channel. This is not a big deal.

I was not asked to create a video. I created the video on my own, in my own time. It was my idea, independent from anyone else. After I had finished, I approached the PROs and asked them if they wanted to put it on the official channel. There was an issue with copyrighted music, and that is completely understandable. I tried a couple of things with speed and tone of music but it wasn't working.


Finally I sat down with Slaughter and a couple of other members to try and get some similar music without changing the tone of the piece. After hours upon hours of searching, we couldn't do it. I turned down the offer to put it on the UO channel and put it on my own.


It was my content from the start, it was my idea from the start, and I approached the PROs as a concession for the community. It didn't work out. The end. I would like to note, for the next year, I made an effort with a schedule and outline for the PROs regarding 2012's Year in Review and went through the proper channels. It was horrible and the communication and effort from the PROs was nonexistent. Never doing that again.


2. After a particularly disastrous event, dylan hounded the PRO repeatedly for information regarding the PRO's part in the failure of the event. While you might suggest that he did this out of great concern for the community, the way he went about it was frankly very poorly done, the kingwest rapping video spawned from this and it created a wonderful means of showing off some of the more negative aspects of the community, and of course putting up polls without any allowing for us to provide him with the information was not really helpful for the community's reputation. All of these things were potentially harmful to UO. But, again, this is not a big deal.

Poorly done?


After 6 hour waste of time, coupled with the scores of failed events as of recent, I and several regulars and members were sick of not only wasting our time but the event planners and mission makers time. I went through the proper procedure of asking for information and was denied, three times, by your office for information. You denied me information based on your personal issues with me, and I have saved messages of you borderline harassing me for wanting to do this. This was not an attempt at anything more than figuring out the problem and correcting it so we can have smooth events. I don't think that is such a horrible thing to try.


The Albatross rapping video, as stated previously, was a god damn joke and a favor for Albatross. This is such a non-issue.


"putting up polls without any allowing for us to provide him with the information"


You got to be ******* kidding me. My threads were removed THREE times. They disappeared. I went through you, I went through Boon, and finally had to complain to Impulse. This is such a lie it is unbelievable. Please, read back on yours and boon's removal threads for reference, because clearly you have forgotten.


3. Yugoslav and Dylan collaborated, against the suggestion of myself and the PRO, on a training video for the community overseen by the UOTC. Haribo made very clear to me when showing me test scripts and footage that the video's script and footage should not be released. When dylan released some of the unfinished  footage, which I was well aware was in draft at the time and completely aware it was subject to change, I inquired as to weather or not haribo was ok with this footage being shared. The response was both very condescending and rude, and was posted earlier in this thread. I got the last laugh however, apparently this footage was NOT supposed to be shared and dylan was fired. This was still not a big deal...

I have already explained myself on the issue of the footage being released. Reference my reply.


I have no idea what the second half of this point even means.


4. ...However, his response to being fired was a big deal. Instead of simply stepping down, dylan claimed all of the footage and script he had worked on from the UOTC video team and denied their use in a UOTC video. He was well within his rights to do this, he had worked on it and it was partially his. But this also brought the UOTC intro video back to essentially square one, and as an outsider looking in, it seems as though he wanted to screw the community and more specifically the UOTC out of spite rather than allowing the UOTC to fix the problems with the draft script and draft footage. Behavior such as this is unbecoming of both a member of this community or at least a regular within this community.

It's a big deal to protect the things you worked on for hours?


I volunteered for a position and was fired because of some petty bullshit that meant nothing, and you want to use my work? Hell no. It's my content that I slaved over.


Yes azzwort, I wanted to screw the community by not letting them use my script and shot list. That really screwed the whole thing up. How about how nobody wants to fill the position? How about how nobody is driven to even get it done besides myself and Yugo?


Also, azzwort, I didn't make the intro. Chariot made the intro and has yet to come back to this community after I told him I was fired.

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