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UO: Images from ArmA 3

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Reminds me of a Herbie mission where you walk from a FOB, through mountains a valleys, to get to a town and find Takis.



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Panzerkampfwagen V Panther crew, before the battle of Chef Du-Pont - 6th of June, 1944.                      (Picture taken by Syntax, edited by HTM)



The Black thingy is for Syntax, our gunner. Who took the picture




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Two very important people did not find cover, while the lowly soldier did.




Weapon X Hiding from the enemy, when they managed to break through the lines.




RNGesus decided to save his beloved followers.




Platoon Column, Squadon Column, Fireteam Staggered Column, 




M1A1 standing Overwatch over a hostile town - Domination




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Perhaps not the greatests of spots to hunker down at



Walking/jogging away from explosions with.. Style?



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During the event with AFI, my platoon leader @Kingslayer was killed by a hostile maneuver team flanking our position. That was the last thing they did that mission!




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A Chinese special forces operative before a paradrop (from my upcoming mission):



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