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UO: Images from ArmA 3

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Getting ready to move.





Laying down fire.









Moving in for the assault.




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As forum moderation point of sanity and effort can we just have images and not links to images in thread.

Masking images behind spoilers is fine, for page loading/formatting, but masking links behind spoilers is getting a bit tedious.

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Hey if people start using the spoiler.jpgtags then this thread will load so much easier.  Just a suggestion.


Can I credit myself for startng a movement?



Oldy but a goody




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This was mine and Flyingspaghettimonster blood bath from tvt last night (10/03/17).


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When you just tried it to make it through another boring Monday and the enemy suddenly ambushes you just outside the OP after returning from a successful mission...





But eventually, we will all make it back home!






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