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UOTC: Class Request

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Name: Graham1988

Class Requested: LandNav, Leadership courses, Rotary, Mortar, RTO.
Days Requested: Any day at the weekend.

Times Requested: From afternoon GMT onwards.

Special Remarks:

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Name: Leonidas

Class Requested: RTO and Any Leadership if possible

Days Requested (optional): weekends
Times Requested (optional):  any
Special Remarks: Team and squad leader are difficult positions to fill up perhaps because of lack of confidence or training. Platoon and mission leadership do not experience this problem, for better or worse

Edited by Leonidas

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Name: Nomad, bwcnomad
Class Requested: Land Navigation Course
Days Requested: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays.
Times Requested: 18:00 Zulu or LATER
Special Remarks: None

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Name: GeorgRavioli
Class Requested: Familiarization Course
Days Requested: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Times Requested: 18:00 Zulu or LATER
Special Remarks: 21:00 Zulu or LATER would be best for Friday.

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Name: Perfk

Class Requested: Squad Leadership Course, Fireteam Leadership Course

Days Requested (optional): any

Times Requested (optional): Mon-Thu 14:00z to 21:00z. Fri-Sun: any

Special Remarks: none

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Name: jamaljerbassue
Class Requested: Familiarisation
Days Requested (optional): FRIDAY through SUNDAY
Times Requested (optional): Any Time

Special Remarks: I haven't been active for years. I have recently found more time and would love to spend it with you guys. 

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