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Shores of Hazeron

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Basically, Shores of Hazeron looks like something from 1999 or so, but has an interesting gameplay. Mostly First Person Multiplayer, Players are generally scattered across the Galaxy. When starting you can either create a New Empire, that will start your player on a random planet, in a random solar system that hasn't even been explored by any other player, let alone colonized.


You Start Naked, with a Knife, a Torch, and a Piece of paper explaining a little about the game.


Recommended to create an Emperor account for gameplay, as they can do both Join an Existing Empire, or Create a New Empire.


Current Empire I'm working with is "GOTR Enterprises", and I just started this Empire, so very basic right now until we get some Rockets to a soon-to-be-constructed Moon Base.


Long Story Short, if you are interested in this at all, download it, it's roughly 350 MB total download through a launcher, and test it out.



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I used to play this, I am waiting as it looks like in the next year or so they are going to be huge changes to the presentation. If you do play kill targos (the guy who comes to help you out) skin him and uses his bones to make a needle and his skin to make your first flag (seriously it is the easiest way to get an empire going).

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Tried to play once or twice with the bay12 guys, but unfortunately the game is plagued pretty horribly with lag.


i'm not sure how it fares today, but I imagine it's still pretty lagtastic.


Cool idea for a game though, when I played I got a whole planet to myself to colonize and it had no breathable atmosphere so my roads had to be paved with bubbles over them.

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Erm, yeah. It's a great idea, with a good concept, but the art leaves something to be desired for anyone new, I guess.


The lag still exists, but I'm not sure how bad it previously was. I started playing in the Winter of 2009/ 2010.


It may look like it's from 1999, but it seems to work that way, without all the flashy graphics of today's games.


Something like continuous development by Haxus, the game's developer since that time.

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This post is more for Niiiiiples. Try downloading the following Microsoft Security Essentials for your version of Windows.


I had previously had the problem of not being able to turn on my firewall, as every time I tried to, it would crash. My search led me to this:




It solved my problem, as it turned out later I had a virus on my computer.

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Hazeron updated again. Pretty much misc stuff other than the pad for putting down buildings has been changed drastically. For instance, when you place a building along a road, it puts a little driveway in, and if there's also some form of water, ocean, river... it gives it a harbor for wharfs and shipyards.

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In the time during which this thread has been dead, Haxus has been working on a new ship designer capable of being imported into from Blender. 


Designer can only be launched in single-person mode. Do this using the -designer command line option.




Here's a few screenshots of at least one ship someone has designed:













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This is from when I tried to play the game alone.


I later tried to play the game with someone at like Tech level 28 or something crazy high, and they were like "look at this new ship i just built" and decided she was gonna show me how crazy good the ship was by flying into the star of whatever system we were in. Well, let me say the shields did not hold. That was the last time I ever saw her too.

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