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M.A.D Mapping Arms Data

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I discovered this lurking around the interwebs a while back and forgot what it was called. But thanks to the BBC I've found it again!


Very Interesting site and tool to play with! 


BBC Report on the site, informative- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-23822086


The site itself- http://balder.prio.no/armsglobe2/index.php



The site takes a while to load! its not frozen, its nothing! it just takes a little while be patient! But in the site you can select certain countries or the whole world. You can view specific types of weapons, Imports, exports and even years from 1992-2011.


Happy hunting folks! Ive used this as a source plenty of times in class. Enjoy!



Another note! You can also select each and every country in the world. From the big players. US, Russia, ect. To the real threats... Malta, Antarctica. the like! Just because there is no line or something doesn't mean you cant select it! 

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Cool site, thanks for the share!


Still woefully inaccurate though - the reality is that arms trade data is a huge challenge to track, even in the age of centralized data. Most arms shipments aren't digitzed or registered, for obvious reasons, especially the stuff that's actually being used. CJ Chivers does really good reporting around the anonymous aspects of the arms trade, and how the internet is making data collection (i.e. sites like this) possible.

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