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2.2 - Personnel Removal Operations

2.2 - Personnel Removal Operations  

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  1. 1. 2.2 - Personnel Removal Operations (Addition & Modifications)

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Our Existing Charter has a large number of specifically defined creations of polls and their duration/requirements that are repeated in multiple areas.

I would like to propose an organizational rewrite of the existing 5.x section and an addition to 2.x Operations section to simplify this repeat information.



Information Specifics, Intent of Changes


"2.2 - Personnel Removal Operation"

"2.2.1 - Personnel Removal Operations are Standard Operations that last for two (2) weeks and require a two-third (2/3) majority."

[NEW] - Definition of Personnel Removal - Uses existing 2 week and 2/3rd criteria, all other aspects inherited from Standard Operations.



" - New Regulars are inducted by a Standard Operation."

[CONDENSED] - Meaning and Existing rules are unchanged.

[PERSONAL] - Standard Operations defined by 2.x Match this definition at present, this keeps vote definitions in one location (2.x)



"5.2.7 - Regular Removals are inducted by a Personnel Removal Operation"

[CONDENSED] - Same meaning, with process defined by 2.2 (and subs).



"5.2.5 - Polls shall be created with a seven (7) day expiry enabled."

[REMOVAL] - Already defined by 2.x 



"5.2.6 - Polls shall have the "Public Poll" option disabled."

[REMOVAL] - Already defined by 2.x



"5.2.7 - Operations of Regular removal must be decided by a two (2) week two-thirds (2/3) majority vote."

[REMOVAL] - To be defined by 2.2.1



"5.3.4 - Officer Removals are inducted by a Personnel Removal Operation"

[CHANGE] - To be defined by 2.2.1



[PERSONAL] - This is not an intent to change how users are added/removed at present, simply to condense all operations to one section.  Any modification to how users are voted on or removed would need to be voted on at a later time.  This vote does not cover Officer Additions nor Delegate Removals as they do not fit within the condensed scopes defined by this poll.

This Poll requires a 3/4 Vote and 2 Weeks.

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Consolidates many sentences into few for the same effect and meaning.


I support.


(There is a minor typo in in 2.2.1, should read "which" or "that"  (grammar nazi please confirm) after "Standard Operation"

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Voting no, this is clearly a usurpation of the charter's rules, nothing needs to be clarified because it is perfect as written.


All this will do is confuse people.

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