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Ban - CreamyBloodex

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Player: CreamyBloodex
A2 PID: 102f09739e3e702745b74e9ca7c04679
TS3 ID: kKE6Ul1bojAH1jvda8cd6ocNCCo=
Length: 1 month  24 Hr

  • Personal Attacks/Racist/Sexist and other behaviors

Reason: Racist comment in primary chat

<04:26:22> "CreamyBloodex": The ***** song sucks.  Not sure how to even think it's music.
<04:31:52> "CreamyBloodex": I didn't post the ******, ******, ****** song.  Listen to it, it's all they say.

(GM= GreenDemon/i9)

Edited by Impulse 9
Reduction on response

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I didn't post the original offending video. I commented on it.


It lead me to talking about a recent work situation that reflected lame workers in a crisis recovery disaster. Most people worked many hard days, some didn't. We fired a bunch of white, yellow, black and brown people, almost fifty in one day.


I believe in merit, intelligence and ability.


I never use the 'n-word' but in this case it looked like I did. Was I quoting a song that somebody posted? Was I telling you a story that you didn't like?


I was given a warning by GreenDemon. I said 'yes' and I shut-up. Somehow that has gone from a warning to a 24 hour ban to a 29 day ban.


I've never maliciously, intentionally or even accidentally bad-mouthed anyone based on their colour, race, creed or religion. I'm not a perfect guy but I certainly am not a bad guy. Opinions differ I suppose.


I'll wait it out. I hope that those of you who know me don't think too badly of this.

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