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Ms Paint Thread

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Especially for yesterday's "Tactical" Tuesday.

Edited by Kevin31

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Oh Enex, that is wonderful

That is my depiction of mentality on slotting screen.


You image "last try" is hilarious.

@Macaco inspired by true events?Of course!

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ITT voice your complaints about primary via use of  stickfigures.


I guess I'll chip in as well


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A large number of reports have came out of this thread.

Please keep in mind that while the off topic area is a lessened area of the forums where some of the Forum SOPs are not enforced to a full degree, if your content is reported it will still be reviewed. Keep all content within the spirit of the community/charter/sop.

If your content has been removed for whatever reason, it is under review. This does not mean that you should repost it again with slight edits, as ... obviously the content was removed for a reason. These reviews are not done instantly and may take time. Continued posting of the same content over and over again is an abuse of forum sop and will be processed as such, even if the original content is restored after review.


Keep everything work safe and as mature as benefits the topic at hand.

There is room for humor, comedy and so forth. Switching the content into attacks that the community, its member base, and or its moderators/administration crosses that line.

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But those 5 minutes where the arty lands, the cas comes in and you, your squad and all other squads attack and take it in 5 minutes is why I play this game.


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