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Favourite UO Video?

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Does anyone else have a favourite video featuring UO players?


Personally my favourite is this:


From a play through of Operation Price. Mainly because Huska gets shot so much :)


I tried to find the Minecraft with the dragon but couldn't :sad:


Yes, i am very bored.

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There was a video by romagnolo that made me look up UO in the first place. Can't find it now though

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As much as I hated that mission...



"Is he fucking AUTISTIC?!"



The only reason I liked this mission was because it was batshit insane.


And I still hated it.

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I guess I'll post my second favourite, since Dylan's 'Allahu Akbar' was posted. 

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I like mine : (





I guess the King Slayer slayed the West King

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Isnt that the mission where a whole troop was killed by a friendly arty barrage?

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