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[COMPLETED] UOTC: Medical Course [2013-04-13] 2100Z

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COURSE: Medical Coruse


DATE: 2013/04/13


TIME: 2100Z






WHAT: The Medical Course is designed to increase the general knowledge of administering aid to casualties, how Squad Leaders (SL) and Fire Team Leaders (FTL) can assist with medical care and security, and details on Squad level and Platoon level medical duties.


WHY: To prevent personnel from slotting as medics with no prerequisite knowledge of how to conduct themselves within a medical role, as well as direct leaders in situations requiring medical support.


WHERE: Teamspeak ( UnitedOperations Training Center ) Training server 1


REMARKS: If you are unsure or have not taken the famil course please DO NOT sign up.

(If you show up and you do not have the course tag you will be asked to leave)



Sign-up Form


In-Game Name:












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In-game Name: kalohepirate


Will this differ from Thawk's last course? I got the Combat life saver tag but had to leave before the Field Medic was finished. If its the same I am willing to step out to make room for others.

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IGN: Puerto


I haven't took the Famil. Course yet, I'm hoping that there will be one before this one happens so that I can be eligible. I know how to do everything that's in the Famil. Course though. You can cancel me out if this is a problem.

Edited by Puerto

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Will this differ from Thawk's last course?


I too would like to know the answer to this question please.


If its the same leave me out, if its different sign me up IGN Vaa15

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I will provide you with the entire course outline plus instructor notes for the course

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IGN: Macaco


Assuming there is room still

Edited by Macaco

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