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tb_alfr_units.pbo: Updated: New units and groups. Added insignia selections. Created unit insignia.

tb_alfr_ACRE.pbo: Updated: PRC-148 replaced with PRC-152 and PRC-117F. Added compatibility for new units.

tb_sys_c_csebipods.pbo: New: Adds CSE Bipod compatibility to all appropriate weapons of mine and RHS.

tb_sys_c_mags.pbo: New: Adds compatibility with RHS magazines to all Mk21, M16A4, AK-74M, PKP, M249, Mk23, and Mk24 weapons. Weapons can now use the higher velocity higher damage RHS ammunition.

Edited by ToadBall

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tb_sys_c_mags.pbo: New: Adds compatibility with RHS magazines to all Mk21, M16A4, AK-74M, PKP, M249, Mk23, and Mk24 weapons. Weapons can now use the higher velocity higher damage RHS ammunition.

Good stuff!

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Thanks for putting in good work and making the modpack better!


General question on the new compatibility with RHS mags. Higher velocity right, so are the trajectories flatter? I'd assume they have to be if the applied maths of the situation defines the rules.

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I've not spent a huge amount of time looking at the performance of RHS ammunition, just made the weapons compatible with it.


New addition rounding off the ALFR small arms collection nicely.


Mk 25 / SR25 EC





Model & Textures: Kiory

Model config edited & config.cpp redone: Toadball


Download: tb_alfr_mk25.pbo








Final unit and weapons changes before public release due for the end of this month.

Open to requests for unit groupings or new units provided they are within the scope of the addon.


Edit: What do you mean you need the URL for the download...guh

Edited by ToadBall

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While an official public release of ALFR content has been made at long last I will continue to post the latest working copy here while the mod pack includes the content.

On which note:

Updated tb_alfr_units.pbo:

Fixed: Wrong rucksack defined on some units.
Fixed: Incorrect faction on some units.
Fixed: Incorrect display name on some units.
Fixed: All addons now signed, server key included. 
Added: Weapons crates.
Added: Optional RHS Magazine compatibility addon (tb_alfr_rhsMags.pbo) 
Added: Config preparation for addition of AFPAT-A (Arid) uniforms, equipment, and units.
WIP screenshots of arid kit in game, note currently cannot be used in current version of addon.
Edited by ToadBall

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Updated tb_alfr_units.pbo:

Added: 1 Bn. & Pathfinder Coy. Arid Units
Added: 1 Bn. & Pathfinder Coy. Arid Groups
Added: Arid uniforms, vests, and headgear




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RBS-70 beta build.



Both "tab lock" and BI's SACLOS guidance are used.



Found under:
Empty > Static > RBS-70
AAF > AAF (1Bn) > Static > RBS-70


Vehicle: TB_alfr_rbs70

Vehicle weapon: tb_launcher_rbs70

Vehicle magazine: tb_missile_BOLIDE


Model: Bohemia Interactive
Config: Toadball


To do:

Fuse setting.
CSW Features: Breakdown, assembly, and manual reloads.

Edit: fixed link, the curse of the update thread strikes again.

Edited by ToadBall

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Tweaked: Proximity fuse sensor now works based on position relative to the sensor. The target must be within a 60 degree arc on either the left or right of the projectile to trigger the prox fuse, otherwise it reverts to impact fuse.

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Firstly, with the release of the Marksman DLC I have updated the ALFR content as detailed below.
Secondly, I will be dropping support for the following addons for the foreseeable future:

  • tb_arifle_m16a4.pbo
  • tb_arifle_ak.pbo
  • tb_lmg_m249.pbo
  • tb_lmg_pk.pbo
  • tb_acc_optics.pbo

Unless there is a critical need for these to be maintained they will not receive any updates, they have also not been updated to take full advantage of most of the DLC features.
They will have a number of non critical bugs as a result (deployment position being "odd", no support for bipod attachments).

I strong suggest mission and addon makers using affected content migrate to RHS: AFRF/USF content.

ALFR v1.2 update content.

Added: 1 Bn. & Pathfinder Coy. Arid Units.
Added: 1 Bn. & Pathfinder Coy. Arid Groups.
Added: Arid uniforms, vests, and headgear (see class-list file).
Changed: Mk 21 (tb_arifle_mk21) Compatible with bipdos.
Changed: Mk 22: Compatible with bipods, Compatible with Marksman DLC .338 supressors.
Changed: Mk 23/24: Integrated bipod animated and deployable using Marksman DLC deployment feature.
Changed: Mk 25: Compatible with bipods.
Changed: Added support for new Arid units to tb_alfr_acre.pbo
Changed: Group configs should be better compatible with ALIVE (Have not been able to conduct in depth testing, feedback appreciated)
Added: RBS70 static SAM. Can be dismantled and deployed, found in the editor under AAF > AAF (1Bn) > Static > RBS-70.
The RBS-70 uses a proximity fuse with a 30m range and 60° FOV on either side of the missile. Can currently be "tab locked" or manually guided to closer / slower targets
Added: CBA dependency (RBS70 Proximity fuse script uses CBA Per Frame Handler)
Affected addon pbos:

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A fix for the M1014 has been made, though I will likely hold off until I have finished the new hand animations for it and the Mk 22.

Buzzard has had a fresh coat of paint and finalised kit out for the CAS role. Will likely be updated with the chinook.

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Adds: 3 Landrover variants.

Light Utility Vehicle (Unarmed, covered  variant seats 8 inc. driver and 2 FFV positions) Classname: tb_alfr_landrover_LUV
Light Patrol Vehicle (WMIK with HMG, seats 10 inc. driver, gunner, and 4 FFV positions) Classname: tb_alfr_landrover_LPV

Medical Evacuation Vehicle (Ambulance, seats 8 inc. driver) Classname: tb_alfr_landrover_MEV


Found under:

Independent -> AAF (1 Bn) -> Cars

Empty -> Cars




Models: Bohemia Interactive, modified by Toadball

Config: Toadball


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10 guys in a WMIK?


IRL your pushing it to fit 4....


Also dat jack wagon....

Edited by Fox D

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tb_alfr_air.pbo: Updated to match current public release.

Changed: New display names.

Changed: old: TB_ALFR_CH47 depreciated but still functional for missions. Uses TB_ALFR_HC3

Added: AH.8/AH.8a Hellcats with ALFR crew under Air Corps faction.

tb_alfr_mk13.pbo: Fixed: Firing sound fixed.

tb_alfr_wheeled.pbo: Tweaked: Engine and gearbox parameters adjusted for better performance.


tb_alfr_mk21.pbo: Tweaked: Audio settings.

tb_alfr_mk22.pbo: Tweaked: Audio settings.

tb_alfr_mk23.pbo: Tweaked: Audio settings.

tb_alfr_mk25.pbo: Tweaked: Audio settings.

Edited by ToadBall

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A few errors a found with the new Land Rovers


The Utility versions roof cant be seen through the glass


And the Medical Vehicle clips when you get in the back


Reference pictures



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