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ToadBall's A3 Stuff

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FN Minimi

Adds 2 FN Minimi variants. Labeled FN Minimi and Mk 23.

Weapon Download: http://jakal.mentalevidence.com/ofp_stuff/addons/updated/tb_lmg_m249.pbo

AAF Auto rifleman equipment replacement: http://jakal.mentalevidence.com/ofp_stuff/addons/updated/tb_sys_c_aafar.pbo



Model: BIS with edits by ToadBall & VKing

Config: Toadball & VKing





Tracer belts: 1 tracer for every 4, last 4 rounds tracer.



Any chance of making these work with ASDG Joint Rail?

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tb_sgun_m1014.pbo Updated: RVmats tweaked.

tb_arifle_mk22.pbo Updated: RVMats and Texturing tweaked.

tb_arifle_ak.pbo Updated: Staging for further addition of optics. Fire selector animation added may require some further refining.

tb_acc_optics.pbo Updated: Changes to C79 and M145 (eye over sight alternative optic mode) and ranging for C79 while looking through the optics. Staging for russian optics.

tb_sys_c_optics.pbo Updated: AK variants compatible with Kobra sight included in tb_acc_optics. Prefab weapons made for the following: tb_arifle_mk21_c79, tb_arifle_mk21_m203_c79, tb_lmg_mk23_c79, tb_lmg_mk24_m145


8GdZ0BRl.png hpM4bLql.png

Edited by ToadBall

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Im enjoying seeing this progress but, I have one question. Whats with the going with Mk instead of the weapons known name?

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Items with the Mk designation are intended for a longer term "AAF Rearmed" project, thus I am not using a current nation specific designation.
Once ACE comes out, or I have finished compiling all the parts I will be restructuring all these addons, removing any redundant content.

Edited by ToadBall

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Work in progress sutff...


Early screens of the Glock 17 V3 and Generic weapon light. There have been some RVmat changes since these were taken in addition to black and tan frame options.




I've been playing around with weapon lights and lasers recently. Some basic tests with an M6X based LLM

Intended features* for a refined laser and light control scheme:
Selectable mode: Select what you want to activate before you do (Laser, Light, Laser and Light.)
Momentary on and off as well as Click on and off setting for current mode.


*will likely change following testing.

Edit: After some poking around my intended route, I am alas felled at the first hurdle. Please refer to my post here.

Edited by ToadBall

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Glock 17


Glock 17 v3 in Black, Green, and Tan.

Also adds compatible weapon light: Insight M6X








Compatible Magazines




Models: Bohemia Interactive modified by Toadball
Configs: Toadball



Improves the BI flashlight attachment, will likely go on to become a broader improvement to weapon lights and lasers control depending on BI's future updates to A3

Edited by ToadBall

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xvfpKg9l.png sZ1xnHkl.png


Original port produced and MLOD release by Apilion of the HAFM team.
Currently undergoing a config overhaul for inclusion in ALFR (Altis Forces Rearmed) project.


Other WIP stuff at the moment:
Further RVMat/surface material definition updates on most weapons where applicable.

Experiments with various types of 84mm ammunition for the Mk13

Reorganising existing content: Moving stuff to ALFR addons where applicable.

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CH-47 Chinook


Image Gallery




Classname: tb_alfr_ch47

In Editor:

Independent -> AAF -> Air -> CH-47 Chinook

Empty  -> Air -> CH-47 Chinook


Original model: Bohemia Interactive

Initial ArmA 2 to ArmA 3 port: Apilion

ALFR reskin, model tweaks, and config adjustment: Toadball


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Looks like the upcoming bootcamp (1.24) update is going to break a few of the sounds for some of the weapons. I'm running the RC and noticed the following:


For the M16A4 (and M203 version) the three round burst is silent.

The FN Minimi lost the firing sound.

The M1014, same.

The Mk23 LMG, as above.

The Mk24 LMG, ^^.

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Updates, updates everywhere.

Reorganised files, fixed sound errors, added new shit.


Altian Forces Rearm (RC1)

tb_alfr_mk21.pbo Mk 21 and Mk 21C Rifle Variants. Added Preconfigured setups with optics: tb_arifle_mk21_rco, tb_arifle_mk21_m203_rco, tb_arifle_mk21c_rco, tb_arifle_mk21c_m203_rco Does not include M16s

tb_alfr_mk23.pbo Mk 23 and Mk 24 LMG Variants. New magazines: tb_200Rnd_556x45_box, tb_200Rnd_556x45_box_tracer_green, tb_200Rnd_556x45_box_tracer_red, tb_200Rnd_556x45_box_tracer_yellow Does not include US variants of Minimi.
tb_alfr_mk22.pbo Mk 22 Marksman Rifle.

tb_alfr_m1014.pbo M1014 Shotgun.

tb_alfr_mk13.pbo Mk 13 SRAAW

tb_alfr_air.pbo CH-47 Chinook


Still to come:

Additions to tb_alfr_air


Extras: Retained to ensure mission don't break due to missing weapons, requires content from ALFR

tb_arifle_m16a4.pbo M16 variants as listed in prior post: tb_arifle_m16a4, tb_arifle_m16a4_m203 (Requires: tb_alfr_mk21.pbo)

tb_arifle_m249.pbo M249 variants. Changed: tb_lmg_minimi -> tb_lmg_m249p. Added new variant: tb_lmg_m249 (Requires: tb_alfr_mk23.pbo)


Summary of File Reorganisation


tb_arifle_m16a4.pbo replaced by: tb_alfr_mk21.pbo and tb_arifle_m16a4.pbo

tb_lmg_m249.pbo replaced by: tb_alfr_mk23.pbo and tb_arifle_m16a4.pbo

tb_launcher_cg.pbo replaced by: tb_alfr_mk13.pbo

tb_sgun_m1014.pbo replaced by: tb_alfr_m1014.pbo

tb_arifle_mk22.pbo replaced by: tb_alfr_mk22.pbo


Edited by Impulse 9

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Wow, amazing work! Looking forward to trying it out, Toadball.

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