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DCS: A-10C Session 21 - Sunday [2013-3-17, 1700z]

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DCS: A-10C Session 21 - Sunday [2013-3-17, 1700z]


We will be using DCS: World v1.2.3


Meeshun: Bactria 3.0, Release Version Playthrough


It's time to take a break from dog fighting in the A-10C and return to its designed CAS function. We will do a TVT event the following weekend.


This event is meant for pilots who know what they are doing.


How do you know you are ready to fly?


-Able to drop bombs in CCIP and CCRP Modes

-Able to shoot Mavericks

-Able to aim and shoot the GAU-8 cannon.

-Able to work, find targets, and have mastery over the LITENING II Targeting Pod.

-Able to fly formation and know rudimentary aviation comms.

-Able to keep yourself alive in a high threat environment.

-***Know how to insert MGRS coordinates into the CDU. (If you don't know what this is, reference the following link: http://forums.united...s-into-the-cdu/)



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Hey ! I'm pretty proficient with the A-10, but I have barely any experience online, so pretty much I've no experience on formation flying, but I have an idea over the comms from videos and you know, just reading around, if that's ok I would love to join up !

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Probably out again. Maybe I'll be able to show up but not sure so don't count on me.

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Great mission :) We had a nice evening!

Joined as Pig flight and completed our 1st task .We then had to RTB cause I thought that we were flying at 18:00 zulu time so we were 1 hour late to the party :blink:

My squad mates didn't beat me after this so we will be available for the next one :laugh:








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