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[COMPLETED] UOTC: Machine Gun Course [2013-03-04] 1900z

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COURSE: Machine Gun Course


DATE: Monday, March 4th


TIME: 1900Z


PREREQUISITES: Properly working Addons/Keybindings (no technical support will be provided during training), Familiarization Course (no exceptions/waivers), Fire Team Operations Course (no exceptions/waivers)




WHAT: This course will familiarize participants with the roles and duties of the Automatic Rifleman and Machinegunner and forward the basic marksmanship skills and Techniques, Tactics and Procedures involved in the employment of Light, Medium and Heavy Machineguns.


WHY: Whether organic to the unit or attached, machine guns provide the heavy volume of close and continuous fire needed to achieve fire superiority. They are the Infantry platoon’s most effective weapons against a dismounted enemy force. These formidable weapons can engage enemy targets beyond the capability of individual weapons with controlled and accurate fire. Thus having Automatic Riflemen and Machine Gunners that can master these weapons is vital for any fighting force.


WHERE: Training Server 1




Attendees (20/20):

  • Kevin Squeakers
  • StatusRed
  • j0hnanderson
  • Tasel
  • Luiz Silveira
  • RedDuck
  • Edwards
  • Nebo
  • blackhat
  • TomTom
  • wingless
  • Mantell
  • kail
  • LaCy8
  • Inkompetent
  • Macaco
  • Enex
  • Zeko
  • CStiffy
  • Valasan


  • Brandt
  • CreamyBloodex
  • Duke
  • Ice-Man
  • Overlord

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IGN: Kevin Squeakers

Courses : Famil, FTOPs, Land Nav, RTO

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I would like to attend:


In Game Name: StatusRed

Other course attended: Familiarisation, Fireteam Operations, Land Navigation (also assisted), Mission briefing / planning, AT Weapons Employment, Radio Telephone Operator.

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Name: Enex

Prerequisites: Famil, FTOps, FTL...


Zumorc I always adore your pictures on threads about course.'Keep this shit up 'couse is awesome!'

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i wish i could make it but its right in the middle of class lol. IF some one would record it that would be awesome :D

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Put me on Reserves

IGN: CStiffy

Prerequisites: Famil, FTOPS, Basic CQB, Advanced CQB

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Course is full, further sign-ups will be put on the Reserve List, I'm anticipating no-shows.

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