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Dr Aquafresh

Planetside 2 Event 2 : Electric Boogaloo

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A significant amount of time has passed, and I believe that we should attempt a second Planetside 2 event after the next patch lands. Patch 2 has been delayed several days from its initial launch of 30JAN2013, so our event would likely be somewhere around the 8,9,10th of February(or a later weekend). While I was one of the more vocal critics of the first event, I believe that each of the problems has a solution now.


PROBLEMS:(there are several problems under each topic)


Not enough air cover

1- The commander(me) did not have enough knowledge of the air combat system to understand what the air wing would require. FIX: I understand the nature of air combat now.

2- Not enough pilots were signed up. FIX: We will fix that in the new signups.

3- Skyguards and bursters were not enough cover. FIX: Both were massively buffed in a recent patch.


Problems with strategic map and actual fighting

4- The commander(me) had only played the game for about 10 hrs. FIX: I have subsequently played more and have led full platoons from pheonix battalion and easy company.

5- Many players were new/inexperienced in planetside. FIX: I will be hosting several playsessions the week before so that others can get some intro certs and familiarize themselves.



6- Many regulars and members of UO have their character on another server. FIX: In the upcoming patch, you will be able to move your character to a different server.

7- The slotting process was time consuming and difficult. FIX: I have created a much simpler slotting system that we will use for this event



This is a discussion thread, and once we know when the patch will go live and when we want to have the event, the date and a sign-up thread will be posted. I might think of more problems, so I reserve the right to change this.

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Hey guys! I'm definitely down to play again with you guys. Do you guys want to update your spread sheets with what certs/vehicles/classes people have upgraded now? or will that be in another post?



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Annihilators. Annihilators everywhere.

Spread them somewhat so that a single ESF can't just dump flares and kill a bunch with a single rocket pass, and then watch anything that can be locked-on die.

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I'm up for this. Especially with all those beautiful fixes in place. Missed out last time, definitely would attend this. Sounds excellent Aqua.

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I am down for this, hell, I will even take a leadership role this time since for some reason I always end up leading when we play here and have certed into leadership.


I do think we can agree that this time around, everyone is infantry first. Cause you aint gona always have the resources to fly/tank/party bus.

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I will proceed with this as follows: This page will be updated when the patch goes live, and we will pick a time for the event, NLT two weeks after launch. I will then set up several pre-event Planetside sessions, which will be completely optional, and only serve to familiarize newer players with the game, or older players with the new patch. A sign up thread will be posted after we have the event date.


Slotting is a little different this time- I am emphasizing adaptability and simplicity over anything else. Each squad will have a leader and 2IC who will be able to take over. There will be four possible mixed use squads and one permanent air wing. Any player who is not a leader or air will be in one big pool, and will be sorted about 30mins before the event starts. The permanent air wing will be completely optional, and only exists for those players who only want to fly. Before the event, the only slots that will be filled are the squad leads and 2ICs for each squad, including air. My overall concept for this is to have the vehicle/support squad change every x number of minutes, where x is the amount of time that the previous mechanized squad takes to become combat ineffective. Depending on the size of the air wing, each squad may be asked to field several pilots during their turn as mech/support.


sample sign up posting:


Please note that line three is the only question that will determine your role or placement. The others are a guide for me.


UO Name: Dr Aquafresh

Planetside 2 name: DrAquafersh

Air, Leadership, or Grunt?: PLT lead

Most played/certed class/vehicle?: medic, leadership

Certs/purchased items?(Sundy AMS, Skyguard, Burster, etc): sundy, burster max, upgraded vanguard. no air


Please post your questions/comments so that I can fix problems.

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I've been sort of having an itch to play this game again, just don't want to do it when nobody else is around. I'm definitely up for this one.


UO Name: Ozymandias

Planetside 2 name: Zulban

Air, Leadership, or Grunt?: Grunt

Most played/certed class/vehicle?: Medic, Heavy

Certs/purchased items?: AMS, Skyguard, Burster MAX, likely a few others I've forgotten and weren't particularly 'mission critical.' I do have a handful of air upgrades (rocket pods for example) however I'm not exactly a good pilot sooooo...



A sign up thread will be posted after we have the event date.

Oops, my bad, I'll just leave this here and copy-paste it when the sign-up opens up then.

Edited by Ozymandias

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UO Name: Captainchunk69

Planetside 2 Name: BearJOO (lvl 32)

Air, Leadership, Grunt?: Leadership, Grunt. Will run Air Support if needed. (Liberator/Reaver Upgraded)

Most played/certed class/vehicle?: Heavy, Medic, + Engineer / Sunderer and Vanguard

Certs/purchased items?:

(Sunderer): AMS, Handling upgrade 2/3, all weapons upgraded with zoom optics/infrared + Ammo

(Vanguard): Both Titan AP/HE Main Gun turrets, Anti Armor rockets, Vanguard Shield, Combat Chasis, upgraded zoom optics/infrared + Ammo

(Liberator): Flares, All turrets upgraded with zoom optics/infrared + Ammo, 105 Zephyr + 150 Dalton, Speed upgrade

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I would recommend limiting the Air Wing to like 6 people.


It's better to have a solid mixture of fighters and Liberators; considering that a Lib only needs 2 members, a full squad half Lib pilots / gunners with 6 supporting fighters makes a platoon quite self-sufficient during continental ops. In essence 6 is too short a call for this large of manevuer if a full platoon is garnered.


It's that we do here, http://azuretwilight.org/, and is partly responsible for us being able to cap the planet when we roll out for platoon ops.

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I've long been a fan of 2-3 libs and 6-8 Reavers. Even if only half the aircraft have good certs, it's better than nothing.


Willing to lead/2ic the air wing, time permitting.

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UO Name: Fruerlund.

Planetside 2 name: Fruerlund.

Air, Leadership, or Grunt?: Infrantry.

Most played/certed class/vehicle?: Heavy / Medic, any.

Certs/purchased items?(Sundy AMS, Skyguard, Burster, etc): Reaver - AA Missiles.

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Due to real life and the late date when the signup thread was posted, the practice sessions are getting bumped. Practice #1 will be at 1700 or 1800Z, 13FEB2013. Practice 2 will be at time TBD, 15FEB2013. Both of these sessions will be very freeform and easy. I encourage any of you who have not tried planetside to come around and play for an hour. The game is free, easy to install, and more fun with a team. Those of you who have accounts on other servers should really start a character on jaeger. There is no transfer token yet, but there will soon be account level unlocks- all of the stuff that you have bought for one character will be available for all of them(reference the roadmap: http://www.planetside2.com/roadmap)


Send questions to me, tell your friends to come, and I will see you in my sundy.

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UO Name: Max Harp

Planetside 2 name: maxharp

Air, Leadership, or Grunt?: Air

Most played/certed class/vehicle?: medic, reaver

Certs/purchased items?(Sundy AMS, Skyguard, Burster, etc): reaver

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Second practice will be at 2230Zish on 15FEB2013. As before, it is not required, not intense and will last 3-4 hours.


Any questions about the event should be posted here or PMd

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