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[COMPLETED] UOTC: AT Weapons & Employment [2013-02-03] 1700Z

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COURSE: AT Weapons & Employment


DATE: 2013/02/03


TIME: 1700Z


PREREQUISITES: Familiarization Course





WHAT: In this course the students will learn the essentials of properly operating in the role of the Anti-Tank Specialist.


WHY: Candidates should attend and learn the given skills to be able to participate in future primary server missions as an Anti-Tank Specialist.


WHERE: Training Server 1, Teamspeak & Scribblar


REMARKS: For assistant requests / offers please contact me directly via PM or TS. For this course I will require at least 4 Assistants.



Sign-up Form


In-Game Name:





1. Kirby

2. John Anderson






1. Rye

2. BladeLWS

3. Heckman

4. Andre

5. RustyUK

6. Overlord

7. DMzda

8. Slider

9. Valasan

10. ArtificialBlood

11. kalohepirate

12. Gabe

13. Jethro

14. kail

15. Luiz Silveira

16. StatusRed

17. Noxxaidin

18. ComradeLucifer

19. Skynet

20. The_Extreme_Curl

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In-Game/TS: Heckman

Pre-Req: Familiarization Course



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In game name: Overlord


I'm interested in learning about a few of the more obscure launchers that come up from time to time.

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IGN: ComradeLucifer.


Prereqs are achieved


Been looking forward to this one specifically as I always find myself a tad too nervous when employing AT on my fireteam. Looking forward to it. EDIT From the looks of it I just made the attendance, damn I lucked out.. I'm hoping to learn all sorts of AT as really the only one I feel confident enough to use regularly (besides the standard point and shoot) is the Javelin, which is pretty easy and straight forward. Most defintely looking forward to learning effective employment. Like I said, It'll be nice to fire a rocket and know its gonna go where I need it to go, and its not gonna hurt the wrong people. thanks again for offering the course! END EDIT


See you guys there :smile:

Edited by ComradeLucifer

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Sign Ups are now FULL.


Anyone signing up now will be placed on a Reserve List. The Reserve list is in place in case of no-shows, which is very likely to happen.

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