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Dayz Standalone

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I'm almost tempted to get it just to play a bit before players ruin it as they did with dayz. but I'm broke so no.

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If you have any desire to pick this up and wish to support UnitedOperations in some way in your purchase, the following links will not give any discount nor have any additional fees, but do assist UnitedOperations.net in a small manner.


Supporter Edition



Standard Edition




I bought a copy. Only to help out UO of course...



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So it seems that we have some significant interest in the standalone now that it is out, how about forming a UO squad?

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Pah, fluffer, that's nothing:


I know what you're thinking, awesome graphics settings.



Been ok so far, although now my server list is failing.

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Favourite moment so far: I bump into an unsuspecting survivor less than 20 meters ahead, foraging in the dead of night. I drop prone in the grass in time for him to turn and run in my direction. He runs practically right over me without noticing a thing. Felt like Solid Snake.


Looking forward to them turning the food/drink mechanics down a notch.

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Though it does look fun, I don't really want to buy it. I'm still butthurt over the DayZ mod.


On another note, it doesn't feel right to pay for what really is just a mod. At least that's just what I'm seeing.

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Met up with Yugo, Aqua and Overlord today. Raided some military bases, got some nice loot. And right at the end, right before I left, I went back to check the barracks. Found someone with a suppressed M4 just waiting there. I ran away, and never looked back.



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End of the day, 140 stangammo, pristine m4 with an acog sight. I feel accomplished. Anyone know how to use backup sites?

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I stumbled across Balota airfield. I found an M4 and some guy told me I couldn't use it without the magazine. As I'd already raided the military base to the South and had ~ 120 rounds of 5.56, I just loaded a magazine in front of him. He ran away.




I had to tear my top into rags to stop my bleeding after being attacked by 5 zombies D:


For some reason I can't eat my tinned baked beans, anyone know why?

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The changelog for the new update (build 113772) :





§  Drinking directly from wells now works

§  headwear descriptions updated

§  pants descriptions updated

§  increased battery drain by flashlight

§  bandaging cannot fix broken leg now

§  server browser shows internet tab as selected out of the box

§  fixed modifier messages, one message type per stage

§  Workshop: lowered moto helmets spawn probability. removed old proxies, replaced with memory points

§  Reduced level at which player becomes permanently unconscious

§  Increased rate players recover from shock damage

§  Internet set to default tab for multiplayer server browsing

§  improved responsiveness when side-stepping from left to right/right to left

§  disabled head movement for unconscious states

§  adjusted head bob for select animations

§  Various security related measures

§  Tweaked the tenement buildings (small and big) for spawns on the roof

§  improved transitions for restrained player

§  Removed old proxies and replaced them with memory points and new loot spawn in sheds

§  enabled step blending with raised rifle for better responsiveness

§  Roadway LOD issue fixed that caused floating loot for some buildings




§  Temporary status indicators for state of player in the inventory screen (thirsty, sickness, hunger, etc...)

§  force feed other players

§  Rain updated - it should better correspond with the rest of scene by adding the refraction effect

§  New variations for main menu (Unarmed) added

§  Greeting animations for all stances to be replaced (Now with left hand to avoid issues when holding items)

§  Magnum hand IK

§  Opening cans with sharp tools

§  Dot crosshair

§  Damaging knife, screwdriver and bayonet used for opening cans

§  Loot array (with respective type of meat) added to animals configs and new types of meat added to food configs (ANIMALS DISABLED)


Central Server:


§  fixed performance issues on character creation and saving

§  fixed character creation record override

§  increased server response time and performance

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Found an M4, A FN, chest holster and had a ton of other gear, went unconscious even though I was drinking purified water, eating canned food and resting periodically, got to love alphas.

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For some reason I can't eat my tinned baked beans, anyone know why?


I believe you'll need a can opener of some description.



edit: Also, anyone worked out the Friends system yet? Anything to make getting together on the same server a touch easier. Herbiie & I spent ages chasing each other across multiple servers trying to locate each other. It was a touch frustrating.

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