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Star Citizen - A true Space-Sim. Here it is.

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As far as I see this can't be solved unless we know the speed of the car or Bieber after the impact and we make the assumption of a elastic collision.

This quote is coming up on 6 years ago now.

I do not remember most of it, nor care about how accurate it is.


Good day, nitpickers.

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Y'all need Space Jesus.


I'm slowly coming to the realization that I may never actually play this game, given an impending flight school. Starting to regret buying a Super Hornet...

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Good god, Chris Robots has posted the Orion mining ship Dev post & concept sale








God dam thing is huge! And about €260. Now that might be too rich for some people's blood but I've been thinking that if I melted my Connie & 315p could have the store credit to get this thing outright. The only problem is that this beast is a 6 man opp but the Connie can go solo. Also it would be ages before I would even see it in the hanger yet alone flight. Bloody first world problems triggered me so bad.

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They've just finished the Pax East presentation, more FPS details.



[From RSI forums]

Should be out this month.

FPS will be called “Star Marine,” another in-hangar simulation.

Play as an outlaw or marine

First release, choose from light, medium, heavy armor (modular armor system down the road). "C.o.l.o.s.s.u.s.” heavy armor (see below for images).

Weapons include: Gemini pistol, Model 2 Arclight pistol (has grapple beam for 0g), Devastator shotgun, Behring P4SC sub machine gun, KW ATT 4 assault rifle, Also sniper rifle and another shotgun (see below for images).

Grenade types include Frag, EMP, and force propulsion.

Gadgets include Hologram, medkit, personal shield, area denial system (Claymore)


There will be two game modes on launch:

Traditional combat (like counterstrike) inside the Gold Horizon space station.

8v8 marines vs outlaws.

Whole environment damageable, gravity can be turned off an on.


Second game mode is in 0g "Astro Arena."

Up to 16 vs 16 combat.

Good for training 0g mechanics. Will be a in-fiction sport. Plays like Ender's Game.

Model II arclight pistol has a grapple beam to be used here.


The post can be found here. It has the rest of the topics that the presentation covered



Also EA lulz


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Thanks: the info on that page answered my question. :smile:

Wasn't exactly sure what you wanted so I just linked you that post. Glad it helped :)

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Chris Robots just broke through $80 million with the help of the Hull "Eddie Stobart in Space" Series of ships and cup holding tech. God bless him. just need to wait for Star Marine/ FPS module though I've still got the GTA 5 single player to play through and the Witcher 3 in May and Dragon Age: Inquisition to finish so if they delayed every thing by six months i probably wouldn't notice.

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So, last week, they have released Star Citizen 1.1.2 the major addition to the game is a tutorial which is something that I've been waiting for. Flying a ship in this game is not as easy as it looks, esp. when trying to follow your instructor through an asteroid field at full speed. They did a pretty good job on the tutorial.

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For those of you that might not keep up to date with the daily/weekly happenings of Star Citizen, there was recently a wee bit of an unfortunate data breach over at CIG
Basically (the totally awesome) Disco Lando/Jared Huckaby community manager tweeted a series of cool FPS module pics, which unfortunately contained a publicly accessible URL.
A few enterprising folks figured this was a secret sneak peak, as CIG has been known to hide things in their media releases for people to find.
This was not one of those moments.
So basically 48GB of torrent data was sucked out of CIG servers, lifting the skirt on what CIG are working on for all to see.

So dear readers, I will enclose the information below in spoiler brackets so if you dont want to see this then dont look.
You will get to see this eventually. The models are not finished, it is still WIP. But man are there some cool stuff.
Here goes.

Warning: Do not open the spoilers if you dont want to see this stuff

Collection of very big ships (so big you need to zoom in to see a Retaliator)
Includes the UEE Retribution

You see that small speck of a ship down the bottom, yeah thats the Retaliator.


Other ships shown are:
Vanduul Kingship (top left)
Bengal (2nd row from bottom, left)
Panther (right of Bengal)
Javalin (thats the $2500 ship to the right of the Panther)
Idris (yeah the small one smile.png )

Big ship collection

Assorted 3D models of Panther, Idris, Kingship, F8 and a few other Vanduul ships

UEE Retribution (for when you thought a Bengal was big)

Retribution collection

That small ship is a Bengal BTW

Bengal Video

Vanduul Cleaver video (Yeah boi)


FPS module video (dare you look at this one you naughty, naughty person)


Vanduul Void Bomber video


Vanduul Blade video


Argo utility craft for the Idris - video


The updated Freelancer (Freelancer owners are going to be happy smile.png )


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Thank you Emerald, I was looking for those.


I've upgraded my 325a to a Cutlass Black, I'm still on 1.1.4 if anyone wants to play I'll be on TS.

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