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[6/8/12] Mission Testing Session [2000Z]

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Allright, we know what we need to get done! :smile: Our third testing session will be this coming Friday, June 8th at 2000Z.


There are a few important things to note:

  • Testers are welcome! The more, the merrier. We need as many people as possible on the server stressing it.
  • Testers should show up in the Mission Testing channel on Teamspeak no later than 1855Z. Testing begins promptly at 1900Z.
  • During the test, the server is controlled by the person logged in as admin. This will most likely be myself. In-game ranks do not matter.
  • We are testing to ensure several things:
    • Acceptable gear loadout across the mission.
    • Acceptable mission performance. (IE: High server FPS, low desync for players, no RPT spamming, and no script errors.)
    • To ensure the mission is compliant with all relevant Mission SOP's. For an outline of those, go here: http://forums.united...ing-procedures/
    • To ensure that the mission would make an exceptional mission for a COOP event. (Only for Gothic Serpent, others are normal tests.)

    [*]Testing is just that, testing. Things may break. You can expect to play the mission with a very dumbed down tactical plan. As soon as a bug is found, playing will stop and the bug is recorded. Each mission test may take as long as 30 minutes. We would like to test end triggers for all missions, but this may not be viable in the amount of time available.

    [*]Consider yourselves testers. No dicking around, any such behavior will end up in a 24 hour ban at minimum. I don't need people screwing up an entire test for 30-50 people because they were being stupid.

    [*]Finally, we will be testing the following missions on Saturday:

    • Co80 Operation Gothic Serpent v??
    • CO38_TheAutobahn_Part1_TEST1
    • CO38_TheAutobahn_Part2_TEST2
    • CO47_Two_Tribes_V1
    • CO40_Operation_Arc_Light

If you have any questions regarding this upcoming test, please do not hesitate to contact me on Teamspeak or via PM. If your mission was not included, please contact me promptly.




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I will be attending.


Name: HAN 42.


Courses Taken: FAMIL,


Best in: Infantry Combat


And i will tell the host if anything should stop me from joining in.

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I'm going to try and make this one, new missions 4TW.

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This session has been rescheduled to Friday, the 8th at 2000Z.


Not enough people are showing and I will not kill the primary server of 40 people just to test these missions.

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