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In the US Army, a contact report does not require the enemy to be engaging friendlies. The only time I've ever heard "Sighting" was in PR as the brits. Maybe in company of heroes, also as the brits.


Where it can seem confusing is "troops in contact" (generally given to CAS) and calling contact (to an Apache: you see MSR going east to west, call contact. "contact" Reference the palm grove halfway down it, call contact "contact". Enemy technical in that grove, engage with hellfire. )

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Just seen today:


TRP - Target Reference Point

Point used to reference a known point on the map (for CASEVAC, Arty etc)




(to the forum moderators: i cant put that on the primary list anymore because i cant edit the posting. Is this correct? how can i add it there?)

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Silencer, PM a forum mod and ask them to add it to the list.

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PL - Phase Line.

SB - Suicide Bomber.

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SVBIED - Suicide Vehicle Based Improvised Explosive Device

VBIED - Vehicle Based Improvised Explosive Device

IED - Improvised Explosive Device

VOIED - Victim Operated Improvised Explosive Device

BUND - Built Up Natural Defence

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