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Impulse 9

Post your Desktops/Setups

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I moved some furniture today and cleaned my room, this is my current setup.





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Skycore how can you stand to sit so far from your screen? Also I'm more an apple guy, less peeling involved.

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I normally adjust myself to whatever I'm doing. Also the screen feels much bigger irl than on this pic.

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Just upgraded my Monitor, HOE MA JESUS highly recomend


21:9 @ 2560 X 1080


(Yes, I own a PS3 just for GTA V and Last Of Us) XD



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I should probably have taken it with the lights on.





3x 20" 1600x900 Widescreen.

6950 2 GB GPU, capable of running in 4800x900 Eyefinity.

8 GB RAM, Motherboard capable of holding 16 GB.

Phenom II Black Edition 3.4 Ghz Quad-Core.

2x 500 GB Drives.

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

G510 Keyboard

G500 Mouse





Tankard O' Terror

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Temp. home office. Revit + Arma.









New desk on its way.

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I'm a 6' tall leprechaun. I don't spend that much time on it to be honest. I've been doing most of my project coordination on my laptop.

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Nice Case.


It is as heavy as it is awesome. As a matter of fact, so heavy that once I had my office broken into and you could tell the case was left behind because fuck that weight.

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BIM for the win. What verision are you running?


Revit 2015.


I am still waiting for Site Modeling Tools and features. Oh, and full support for 2 monitors perhaps? And who cares about energy analysis when they can't fix a few of the basic tools?


It's a love/hate relationship with BIM, but still much better than CAD. 


What are you running?

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