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Impulse 9

Post your Desktops/Setups

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This came about late night. figured might as well make a thread out of it.

And I guess I better add some clarification to some of the below.


Left teamspeak/skype/msn/etc Talking Things.

Center (Cloned to TVs/Games/Primary Display)

Right (Work/Server Primary Work)

Far Right Touchscreen (Work Secondary Server Groups/TV/Xbox from Livingroom)



TV (clone of primary Display from prior picture)

Xbox (on this tv and back to far right Monitor)

(picture was older, removed monitor from livingroom in back left corner)

Computer now resides in a closet between all of the rooms.

Condensed all of this down to one computer, removed HTPC/etc. So my powerbill is much nicer now.

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21st Century Setup:








18th Century Setup:



Original 1997 Thunderbirds brochure with signatures from the #3 and #5 of the team back then. I was six years old and traveled to Edwards AFB to watch an air show. Note that currently I have replaced my Thrustmaster Cougar with a Thrustmaster Warthog.






Pitiful school setup (8th Century)





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Flight Setup - F4 BMS



Racing Setup



Standard Setup (Note new PC stuff in the bottom left alongside the Estry Organ)


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yay shitty phone camera


the hole in the desk is my pc btw




Some better quality old pictures from when i was still building the thing






my GPU block isn't a full cover block, so at first i was quite worried at my video memory overheating all the time

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Wow, some nice setups there.


@Impulse: Is that the TV which caused a fire on a freeway? :tongue:

@Yaxxo: Hipster computer is made of wood!

@Force: A $400 joystick and (what looks like) a 17" monitor? What the hell man!

@Deathstrike: You top bunk or bottom?

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azzwort probably won the most disorganized desk in UO :)


Heres mine, above the PC you can find the TrackIR together with a collection of 1/35 scale model tanks/vehicles that I built, currently it holds M151, M113, M1A1, T72M, Merkava MK4 and a Chieftain tank, my desk has a 1/72 Easy Model F16A/C.


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Bunch'a messy bastards.




Why do you have a ressie? Also is your bed a sofabed on the bottom bunk? :ohmy:


Bask In the glory! BASK!



My awesome Micro PC (It fits in an old lap top bag so I can take it places) On the right on the wall you can see a bit of the newspaper cutting that I'm in :biggrin: 15 minutes of fame ftw

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@Yaxxo: Hipster computer is made of wood!



This is the home of my mini-itx Linux file server for almost two years now. This is a old picture, it has one more hdd now. ;-)





Maybe I'll post another picture of the rest tomorrow.

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People still use fax machines up there in Canada Pclipse? :tongue:


Yes I play everything on a laptop. My joystick is at my apartment at school, so thats not here, but its pretty much the same set up there too.


That stack of stickie notes and index cards are all the fire missions from the MSO. 4 or 5 per.



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