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Found 27 results

  1. Hey, currently trying to put together a modern British Army ORBAT and got stuck on finding information about how a British Recon Platoon would look like. For my mission, I already did some research some time ago and decided to orient my structure around the 2nd Battalion of the PWRR (Light Infantry Battalion). I was able to find some solid information about the Rifle Platoon and its TO&E. However, I was unable to get any information on the Fire Support Company which apparently is the unit that houses a Sniper and Recon Platoon. Figured we have a few British guys around the community who might be able to help me out right there with their first or second hand knowledge about the British forces. Ideally, you could provide me with the structure of the Recon Platoon of the 2 PWRR (From the Fire Support Company). However, I am also happy with "general" TO&E for British Recon units that would suit well in addition to a light infantry platoon. Do you know if JTAC's for instance are part of such a Recon Unit or would they be attached to the Platoon HQ? I will probably later isolate just a squad or troop of the Recon Platoon (depending its size and structure). Thanks in advance for any input you guys might have! Cheers, Whiplash
  2. So, with thie Enhanced Movement Mod being added since some time now, are there plans to configure it server side (or has this already been done)? It seems, that on my mission a player can climb a >2m high object with 50kg of gear on him. Is this to be expected or may this indicate some error on my end (no values or variables were changed in regards to this addon)? In case the MMs are now responsible to set the right variables to create a somehow realistic setting, could someone provide a good documentation for this? The documentation found on the authors forum posts (BI, armaholic) are rather brief and seem to require a lot of trial and error to figure out which height can be climbed with how much gear on you. Would appreciate if someone could shed some light on this and possibly help with adjusting the values if not setup server side. Thanks!
  3. Hi, so, it probably is already known, but when joining the primary server players will experience connection errors and eventually lose connection at some point. This seems to be going on ever since the recent WW2 event was over and it seemed to still be happening to me as of today when I tried to join the server. Any chance to keep us updated as of the state of the server and once this has been resolved? I tried joining every once in a while now to check it out myself but that starts to get kinda cumbersome. So I would appreciate if you could keep us updated on what's going on and when this will be resolved. Thanks!
  4. In the interest of collecting as many of the bugs that UO encounter whilst testing the beta versions of ACRE a relevant thread has been created. All bugs posted here will be relayed across to the ACRE dev team, hopefully removing the key excuse for not informing them and increasing their ability to fix these issues. So, if you encounter a bug please post below. In the event you encounter a bug already posted please quote the bug, state the day you also encountered this error and provide the RPT. If you are unaware of how to get your RPT you can find the logs here: C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\ Please upload the relevant RPT (the one from the same day/time) and attach it to your post. Please use the following guide when posting bugs: ACRE bug - 961: Level of severity: (Low/Medium/Game Breaking) What was the bug: How to replicate the bug: Please provide the RPTs and MDMPs at the time of bug: This is not a recommendation thread, only post bugs/posts relating to bugs that have occurred in this version.
  5. Hey, been occasionally working on a mission where I want to have a simple respawn working. Now, all I want is basically, that players who die are going to respawn back at a custom position. What I did is I placed a marker on map and named it "respawn_west". Then, in my description.ext file I set the respawn type to "BASE". I additionally placed the ACE Module in my mission to have players respawn with the gear they had when they died. That way, they will not spawn with the custom gear from the unit class. Now, whenever I test this setup it works flawlessly. Player dies and instantly respawns at the marker position. However, when I add a respawn delay in either my description.ext or the EDEN Editor, then it breaks. As soon as I set the delay to more than 0, the unit dies, you can see the intended singleplayer death screen with the counter, but whenever the counter reaches 0 nothing happens. You are just stuck at that view. Anyone got any advice on this rather simple matter? Thanks in advance! Regards, Whiplash
  6. Folks, myself and a friend are trying to start a private, non-dedicated server. We tried opening all recommended ports (and not just in the 2k range) but I still can't see his server, not even via direct IP connect. Trying to start using steam, it cannot see the server. Any thoughts? We looked far and wide... but no joy. Thanks
  7. Introduction: Haven't been around a long time and only occasionally run ArmA3 to build on some very old missions. Now, I tried to stay up-to-date with the development of ArmA3 and the recently published patches. When the 64bit was first introduced I started having trouble with my in-game FPS as my laptop did not use its secondary GPU to run the game. And the integrated intel graphics of course could not handle the game. However, I managed to fix this and saw that shortly after even a official fix was released by BI. My Problem: Now, with the 64bit being detected by my GPU correctly, I was able to play the game again with normal FPS. However, just as I did some changes to my modpack yesterday to finally try and get UO's mods working again, I found myself stuck again in game with very poor FPS. Pretty sure though the changes to the mods are not the problem here as the problem persists regardless of loaded addons. Does anyone know if there were any changes made again recently (say the last couple of days) that had an impact on the FPS or video quality? I used to run around 60 FPS on an empty island in the editor, right now I am stuck between 10-30 fps for an empty island. I also cannot edit the missions I used to work on as I get FPS of <10 whereas just recently I had could preview these missions with 30+ FPS. As far as I know, the GPU is being detected alright now, but something else seems to impact my performance now. My System: Running a Laptop with two graphic cards (one being my NVIDIA GTX860M) and an i7-4710MQ (quad core). Not the best specs but I had decent results the last years with ArmA3 running with good FPS and rather high video settings. Thanks for reading and if anyone has any idea what could have caused this and how I could fix it, please don't hesitate to share it!
  8. I enjoy spectating. ACE made the experience great because it allowed us to mute the other spectators (or hear them). This enabled the viewer the hear the players still alive in game and provides the opportunity for a very immersive experience and some great video. But recently I have been unable to to mute the spectators anymore. I'm not sure why. Is it a mission creation thing or a problem with the spectating script itself. Or is it ACE? Or ACRE. I really miss being able to spectate and listen to the players in game. I hope someone can help. Ideas on how to fix this? P.S. I know some of us enjoy hearing the dead players in the spec pen. That is an option and the keybinding used to give people the choice to listen or mute the spectators. That's great if you want to hear the spectators. Please don't turn this into a debate about how great it is to hear the spectators.
  9. Just upgraded to Windows 10. -my Arma 3 folder is constantly invisible, it can only be traced when I go to steam > Arma > Properties > Local files. -When I look at the Steam common folder, every game is there but Arma 3. -I tried cutting all the content under the original folder and making a new arma 3 folder with the same name. I replaced the content, but as soon as it recognizes that it's named Arma 3, it vanishes. Any clues?
  10. I can't seem to start TS3 after the recent Mod and ARMA update. I'm uninstalled TS3 and Reinstalled TS3. But it will not start. I get the error message. This program can't start because api-ms-win-crt runtime-1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling th eprogram to fix this problem. Any suggestions would be welcome. I can hop on TS and someone will help .... wait that won't work. reinstalled C++ and am able to start TS3
  11. For those looking for an answer look no further! ACRE is now connected to Arma3 (by magic) and to update ACRE you simply need to run Arma3 WITHOUT TS running and you should get a popup showing ACRE related stuff. Once you click 'ok' it should then allow ACRE to update and you can now open TS3 and check your plugins (which is now under Tools/Options/Addons/Plugins). Hope this helps!
  12. Folks, First, I understand this is the ARMA 3 tech support forum but I didn't have a better idea of where to ask this question. My apologies. After reverting from TS 3.1 to TS 3.0 I am having an issue with my push to talk settings. Whenever I join into any UO TS channel my Push-to-Talk settings change and I have to go into the 'Self' drop down menu and re-select Hotkey Profile>Default. While this is not a major issue it does become annoying in missions when I have to alt-tab during setup make my mic work. Any idea on what settings I need to change to either force Push-to-Talk or force the profile to remain 'default'. Again apologies if this is in the wrong forum subsection.
  13. Hi guys, i used to play on your servers back on A2, looking to get back into it with A3, i followed the instructions regarding A3 sync and downloading your mod pack, but, i already have most of the mods which i downloaded from the steam workshop, i dont have to dl them again do i? its almost 30gb download...... Thanks in advance
  14. The last time I'd played at UO was about 2-3 months ago, before Apex rolled out. I've updated my mods yesterday via A3sync, as usual, addon check came up OK. I checked today again, no files to download. If I try to launch the game normally, through Steam, a few error messages appear and the game does not launch. (Pics 1-3. 1 - loaded mods, 2 - first error, 3 - second error, "unexpected exception occurred") When launching through A3sync, a different error message appears, but the game launches despite it. (4 - launch parameters from a3sync, 5 - error message) Then, ingame, this message box pops up. I'm able to find the server, but when attempting to connect, an "unaccepted keys" message appears and the session is lost. What should I do to fix this? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello guys, I'm new here and I've been searching the whole forum for links to download the following mods "@UOMods and @UOMaps" Anyone knows where I can get them. Thanks.
  16. Hi this is something that is bugging me for a few months. If i have the editor open with a mission, whenever i edit a script on Notepad++ pertaining to that mission, Arma will hang. It doesnt change if it's on preview or in editor, if the file is binarized or not: it will just hang. I might trace the problem back on autosave, as if it tries to autosave the mission while a script file is being tampered with may cause a problem, but im not sure. So far it has happened with the latest 3 missions i edited. Any ideas?
  17. I am working on a mission that will use the RHS T-72. I decided to place one and hop in it just to make sure it could shoot over some fortifications I was making. I reloaded the main gun, but the reload stopped halfway and my game crashed shortly afterward. I have restarted my game and tried to reload the main gun on the T-72 several times. Every time it stops halfway and crashes my game. I have tried this with the obr. 1984g. version and the obr. 1989g. version of the T-72B and both gave me the same result. I was equipped as a CSAT crewman and I was on the Kunduz map. This is a bummer because I really do like the T-72 and would love to use it in my mission. Thanks and I hope this is an easy fix. EDIT: I am having the same issue with the T-80, but not the T-90.
  18. For most people as of now, BE is failing to update, thus blocking the ACE and ACRE dll files. A manual attempt to update BE did not work. Suspect we might have to wait for BE to release a new update to allow us to use the dll files, or turn off BE on the primary until it's fixed. That's all I can think of.
  19. As mentioned, Acre works fine. I can hear radio chatter and vise versa, However there is no audible squelch when activating radio. I did not run the acre 2 installer. Is this something needed to be done? I have tried and it keeps giving me an error saying plugin not identified. Sorry if im being a pain.
  20. Hey wanting to come back and play from time to time. when i try the repository into arma synce I get failed to retrieve file connection failed. Just bringing it to your attention.
  21. I just recently starting having an issue where roughly about 5 minutes after joining the server I get a message saying session lost. Other players have told me that a message appears saying 'Signature check timed out' when I am booted. I have good connection to the server 10-15ms ping, and I get no desync chain before being disconnected., I have already tried reinstalling my mods, and verifying the integrity of arma 3 on steam. I'm pretty clueless on what to do or what could be causing the problem.
  22. I have tried reinstalling and re downloading, as well as trying to restart my game and team speak as admin and non-admin. Non of this has worked for getting my arma and ts to connect. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to fix it
  23. Have been trying to join into the Primary Server for the last 5 hours now, everytime I join in progress into the mission I get stuck on Recieving Data after downloading the mission file. Have tried to restart, verify and repair but so far no success. Anybody have an idea, any help would be greatly appreciated!
  24. No idea if this is a current issue with the repo or if I'm just mentally impaired but I've tried both Arma3Sync and Swifty and both are returning a 404 Error. Anyone got a clue what's causing this?
  25. Howdy, all! I'm experiencing some difficulty with either TS3 and/or ACRE. I'm continuously running into trouble speaking over voice while in-game, but can transmit over radio fine. Today was my second mission I've attempted to run, but been unable to communicate. I've used the "Teamspeak setup for use with ARMA 3" (http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/23900-teamspeak-setup-for-use-with-arma-3/) to make some changes, so hopefully that will resolve. I'm currently using TS3 version Thanks for any suggestions to try to help resolve my issue. Thanks!
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