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Found 51 results

  1. I'm not even a tactical gamer and I avoid FPS like the plague but he's super bent on me being social even though I'm the biggest introvert ever. Okay I'm done. I just wanted to yell at Pope. Sorry to interrupt your normal feed o/
  2. I am Terran and I like to do Arma, Project Reality, and Squad. I was looking for a more organised, and tactical group for Arma, and found United Operations from YT.
  3. Hey all didn't see one anywhere so I figured I'd take some initiative and say hi. I'm Shadow. Been playing arma for a few years now mostly other mods like dayz exile and etc. Started looking at a change a pace and a friend of mine pointed me this way. So here's to a fresh start.
  4. Hey, I'm Austin, just left my previous community cause of drama, from what it seems a lot of fellow members did the same. Cavalier brought me here, so blame him. Looking forward to playing with you guys!
  5. Hello, im part of the incoming wave from a dying community. Hoping for a nice place to chill and have fun.
  6. Hello everyone I'm no stranger to arma, however I am a stranger to a more milsim community. After a long time of playing stuff like Exile, KotH and with other less hardcore communities, I thought I would like to try something new. This is my first time with UO, so hi and hope to have fun here. Thanks.
  7. Hello i have always watched UO videos and have always done nothing but fall in love with them, i love the seriousness and realism that this community puts into its work and have longed to be a part of it, i now have a beast of a computer and feel ready to join, so if anyone can tell me what my steps should be in joining this awesome community that would be great, thanks
  8. Hi Guys, Looking to join a squadron for F4 BMS , Use to play quite a bit but its been a while. Looking to refresh my knowledge and have fun. Do you guys use TS ?
  9. Hello everybody We played together (with some of you) during yesterday's PvP event. Needless to say, i really enjoyed playing with you guys, are hearing you during briefing on Teamspeak. Because of that, i decided to join your community. ArmA III is my main game, but i also see lots of you guys are flying sims such as BMS, wich i'm playing a lot as well. Either way, i hope i'll cause no trouble understanding how things work here, and how to help my best if needed Looking forward to it anyway. Belmont. (i'll still remain in my french community though, so no worries)
  10. HEY!! I used to play here years ago, before Arma 3 was the game that was primarily used. Is there certain days/times a semi large group get together and play the server now? The times i have a look to see if there are missions running, there are never really anyone around. So i'm guessing people play at specific days/times now? Would love to get back into it as i miss this stuff.
  11. Hello everybody, I'm looking to get back into a gaming community after 'retiring' from the 15th MEU (The gaming unit) a couple of years ago. I noticed that you guys also have an UOAF now which is great because I've mainly been playing ArmA, DCS, IL-2, and BMS. I was wondering how 'casual' this community is still, at least compared to the 15th MEU (Gaming Unit). What I am looking for is a group with little paperwork and only a few commitments. I am currently in school, and I can't do the 15th MEU life of Fireteam training, Squad training, Platoon training, Operation. I'm okay with training missions, as long as they are either practical or fun. I was the Platoon Seargent for LAR in the 15th MEU (Gaming Unit), so I am pretty familiar with how leadership within ArmA works. How difficult would it be for me to find myself able to be a Fireteam leader or something similar within your guy's missions? I want to be just a team member for my first few times playing, but I just want to know if I have to go through a long process until I am allowed to be an FTL or if it's simply an 'if you want to and we have the slot for it' basis. Sorry for the questions that I could probably find the answers to myself. Besides all this, I am assuming I just have to take your basic training course and then I can play with you guys? My name is 'Houck' in case there is anyone else from the 15th MEU who might know me. (I'm assuming the 15th MEU is a semi-well known unit).
  12. Greetings and salutations to you all. I have recently decided to join you fella's after watching this community play through multiple videos many of your members have uploaded. I have been playing ArmA since Armed Assault (about 9 years I think now). It is only recently that I have decided to enter into the milsim multiplayer realm. I'm an Australian so my ping maybe an issue (expected 200-300 depending), I could not read anywhere if there were restrictions on who could join in terms of latency, if it is too much of an issue just let me know. But yeah, I will be glad to join you fella's. Thank you.
  13. Ay up, Blliittzz here (somebody took my standard go to 'Blitz'). So its been a while since I played with Military style unit, mostly been creating missions for friends and chilling on public servers. Saying that, I decided after a while that I needed a change, mostly along the lines of organisation and structure when playing missions as well as a change from vanilla Arma stuff, so here I am. Really looking forward to attending Ops, meeting some new people and having some laughs. If somebody could hit me up with some basic information on how to start out (training, Op attendance etc.) that would be great as I really am a noob here.
  14. Hello, I'm from Roblox. Just kidding, I'm a very old member of UO, but after my return, I changed my name. The first person who guessed my first name, get a prize. But, nice to meet everyone again.
  15. Hello to everyone. I am new to UO, but I'm an old arma player. I play arma for about 5 years. I know how to use ace medical system, how to read map, map coordinates, use radio etc. I would like to play with you. So, do I have to pass some kind of training? When can I start?
  16. Hey everyone i'm new to United Operations i want to know if i need a mic to stay the United Operations if i do i will just leave i have no mic i will be getting 1 soon when i get a new PC, i join United Operations to mate new friends and i love Operations, please message me if you need a friend to talk to '[OneK] Siale Schaaf add me. thanks for reading
  17. Good evening from the frozen Southeast, everyone. Been a lurker for the most part but finally decided to give UO a try. What I've seen so far is exactly what I've been missing since I started with A2 and now A3. I'm also prior military (Army National Guard - 8.5 years) and current DOD civilian with experience in communications gear, law enforcement, and a bunch of other things. Hope to get a chance to talk with everyone and participate in any ops as it plays to my nature.
  18. Hey guys, It has been a while but I am alive. I am returning more as a casual and not a Regular or meeshun-maker anymore due to not having enough time. I had best online gaming experiences years ago with UO and noticed that few of original old faces are still around. Impulse, I promise not to try make another Fallout mission or maybe I will? I'm currently downloading the modpack and hoping to eventually see you all in-game.
  19. Hello fellas! Some off the older guys around here may remember me, Im very excited to come back to play with you guys, its been a long time coming iv missed playing here and i look forward to seeing you guys in game! Haribo Hello fellas! Some off the older guys around here may remember me, Im very excited to come back to play with you guys, its been a long time coming iv missed playing here and i look forward to seeing you guys in game! haribo
  20. Hello everybody, I have finally found a good community after looking for so long. Thank you, and I look forward to play with you all in the near future.
  21. I was looking through the Arma 3 Groups and I saw you guys. I'm mainly looking for a group of mature people to play with as I'm a in my mid 20s. I took a further look and found that you guys are one of the most professional looking outfits I've seen for this game. I would be privileged to play with you all.
  22. Hi all, I'm returning to PC gaming after a few years away & I'm really quite new to the Arma scene but gotta say I'm lovn it! Still green but hoping to pick up alot more skills & confidence from playing with the more experienced team members. Also thanks to Gusy for running a great UO Familiarization course yesterday, good info along with some lols!!!
  23. I was dragged here kicking and screaming by some 'HitTheMan' person. I suppose I'll resign myself to the fact that I'm stuck here for a while and do something vaguely useful. I'm a bit rusty as I've been away from Arma for a year or so; typically I'm happy running as medic or rifleman (so-so on auto rifleman), and ALWAYS prefer being on foot to inside a metal coffin vehicle. That said, I used to be able to (just about) fly rotary and fixed-wing, but I was never great, and my skill level is 'can just about get you back to the ground alive in an emergency'.
  24. Hello everyone newbie here. Getting back into Falcom after years way. I am really a newbie. Back in the day, I was in the 251st VFW flying Janes F18. Thanks to Krause youtube video I found this sight. Looking forward flying with and meeting new people.
  25. greets UO! I'm known as samas, been playing in Arma mil-sim units for about 10 years now (that makes me feel old lol). Excited to play with you guys, been aware of this place for a long time but never gave it a chance. Thanks goes to Blue for convincing me to try it out. Look forward to blowing stuff up with y'all on the battlefield! truly samas
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