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Found 26 results

  1. Player: Spacepeddler A3 PID: N/A TS3 ID: N/A Length: Permanent, until appeal Reason: Literary equivalent of micspam/ general shit posting Processor: VPope User has no forum account nor TS activity and has been consistently posting memes /edgy content to get a rise out of people. Given that the user is not even a user given lack of account applying the "web SOP's apply to all services" clause and invoking micspam perm rule.
  2. Player: Haggerty A3 PID: N/A TS3 ID: 0LU0I59QYuRA49T4JlzwIpgm1Gs= Length: 15 Minute = Minor Disruptions by players that do not know any better/excited/unintentional Reason: Any general behavior that can be seen as childish or immature that is repeated after warned to cease Minor offenses of warning level Processor: James User came into channel and interrupted ongoing conversation. User was moved by Corax from channel for interrupting. User then moved Corax for moving him, when he was in the wrong. I kicked him from the server for acting immaturely, after he joined the channel again I told him to cease as he was in the wrong for interrupting. Then the user reacted aggressively and continued to disrupt conversation and moved Corax once again, leading to this ban.
  3. Player: Sir_Mills A3 PID: 2a210097c65ac43fe9fb75c8913d461f TS3 ID: wfaHh4XGMpOCtWuNqgrqwNP/KL4= Length: 24 Hour 48 hours - Minor Disruptions repeated by players that do know better and have been told not to repeat said behaviour. Reason: Negligent Teamkills - Accidental/NegligentProcessor: James Prior Bans: http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/15601-ban-sir-mills/?hl=mills During COTVT39 Hill 179 HC V2 user threw a grenade which ending up killing friendlies. Instead of being apologetic, user gave a snarky remark when confronted about the grenade. As per user reivew thread: http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/19142-sir-mills/page-2
  4. Player: Belmont A3 PID: b35fb28ee4c92097236273a3b1667c0e TS3 ID: Zt77lcnXv9SMS+VU0U2SHvv19mE= Length: 1 Month 24 Hours Reason: 1/3/6 Month = Major Disruptions, as above but done in an aggressive or intentional manner w/o regard to playerbase or community. Repeat behavior of Major Disruption Personal Attacks/Racist/Sexist and other behaviors 24/48/72 Hour = Minor Disruptions repeated by players that do know better and have been told not to repeat said behavior. Processor: James User was seen today with yet another racist avatar with Anne Frank after being warned earlier in the week.
  5. Player: Sanders A3 PID: 9e8a07dd5bf2847a18cb60eb180c157b TS3 ID: olGBGGBt3gB9uu9SuOc0UjZ69vQ= Length: Permanent Reason: Micspam / Racism Processor - VPope 1/3/6 Month = Major Disruptions, as above but done in an aggressive or intentional manner w/o regard to playerbase or community. Personal Attacks/Racist/Sexist and other behaviors MicSpamming - By guests/new users (This may be processed as perm until appeal) User joined teamspeak and began to ask if "We like hitler", he repeatedly ask the question to where he got no reply. We asked the user to stop to which he then started saying the n word and jumping into diffrent team speak channels asking other user if they like Hitler aswell.
  6. Player: Jed Stevens A3 PID: 9b560ed1e83d940c7324b58c1e2e3e01 TS3 ID: HcOLiIe/Q2Ez8AvY0ggHeOJxUk4= Length: 24 hours Time served Reason: Ramboing Processor: James 24/48/72 Hour = Minor Disruptions repeated by players that do know better and have been told not to repeat said behavior. Communication Failures - non responsive members in critical assets, and or intentional ignoring of commands/orders. User ran from his squad in TVT54 Abbadaez Assault to kill a sniper which he had not been asked to do. User then continued on his path and ended up on opposite side of the objective and ended causing a minor friendly fire incident. User made no effort to rejoin his squad. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/911293473583399075/9DE289FDE817BFAD1A94A595D1D0A8E1C298B547/
  7. Player: Slider A3 PID: 62e7b4b429300dcdba1365c2fe0a51dd TS3 ID: aTlgFOPpB5LhLU3DOTBxE4bt6dg= Length: 3 Month Reason: 3.5 - Players shall respect each other and act accordingly 1.1 - Maturity, Friendship, Professionalism, Respect, Cooperation, Teamwork and Courtesy are the core virtues in our community. Processor: SgtDeadly12 The user was picking fights and being verbally abusive towards other users in spectator after he died. This is a continuation of problem behavior exhibited by this user and is detrimental to the quality of gameplay on the server. Escalation based on previous bans for the same sort of behavior. Prior bans: http://forums.united...ider/?hl=slider http://forums.united...ider/?hl=slider http://forums.united...ider/?hl=slider http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/28553-ban-slider/ An account of the incident from Kail can be found in Slider's internal review thread: http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/20659-slider/page-4
  8. Player: DickNixon A3 PID: ccfa37cb411b2c7605f736aaf334380d TS3 ID: 3M8BjRj4vdDgh5sUa3xJDAHAQf8= Length: Permanent 24 Hr Reason: 3.1 - Cheating and hacking shall result in immediate and permanent removal from our community. Lowered to 1.1 - Maturity, Friendship, Professionalism, Respect, Cooperation, Teamwork and Courtesy are the core virtues in our community. Processor: Impulse 9 DickNixon joined the server and openly proclaimed he was hacking and intended to do so.
  9. Player: Wade A3 PID: 215c1dc9b8961e87ee676167ace704f6 TS3 ID: eFjfQqX7SbkHHtVQJWnopkxRna0= Length: 30 Days Reason: Racism Processor: Impulse 9 User was warned by multiple members via teamspeak to stop with racist remarks. User continued to argue to be allowed to speak and act in such a manner after multiple warnings.
  10. Player: INFIDEL A3 PID: 65407ceba727bf892837b33bff6fa6f2 TS3 ID: pQnKra3R8BhnF9ljp8xH+v+du64= Length: Permanent Reason: 4.1.2, All Major Disruptions in an Intentional Aspect. Intelligently drew "fuck this unit" on the map after other users tried to delete his drawings. Hostile attitude towards other users during the brief, and finally, decided to intentionally kill other players once we entered the game. Processor: Headshot
  11. Player: Mike A3 PID: 666a033b0d1f47df6706175f4fbdde5d TS3 ID: AdVEBLzQ8BKNFG92tS4KI5VQAo0= Length: 1 HR Reason: Grenade ND @ Mission Start Processor: Blue/Impulse 9 Pending Input from Blue
  12. Forum Display Name: Gkenny Registered IP: A3 PID: 763fb69b9ebda767e3c9952efedddcb2 TS3 ID: RG4UvdFSEaz8RIrKU8WGf9W1m+w= Length: 24 hour Time Served after Review Reason: User failed to PID resulting in a friendly fire incident Processor: Impulse 9 User failed to move to the area his SL tasked, moving into another squad's AO. User then friendly fired the other squad who was falling back (as planned per briefing). This could have been easily avoided and was entirely negligent
  13. Player: Pancake A3 PID: TS3 ID: eZCCGoxNJEqr2TXdW20qfUAcNjM= Length: 1 2 Hours Reason: general behavior that can be seen as childish or immature that is repeated after warned to cease. See second post Processor: azzwort Previous bans: http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/26804-ban-originalpancake/ http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/27193-ban-originalpancake/
  14. Player: RC007 A3 PID: 01fe2518635e49692562110db30d5fc9 TS3 ID: b1ks4CojLL/JSkxJh3pl/HhvWdo= // cNFlrR659aG0VTAQUGvybNZt89M= (two listed) Length: 24 Hour Reason: Users vehicle was disabled during a mounted assault during CO51 The Frontier, ~0015Z 05/06/17, user then proceeded to negligently engage friendly units dismounting immediately in front of his disabled vehicle over a 4/5 minute period, killing several. Processor: Perfk
  15. Player: Ocelot A3 PID: #game_pid_if_known# TS3 ID: q0zRxZEikptYlpl8mK1KUBjJXMg= Length: 24 Hours Reason: 1.1 violation Processor: azzwort
  16. Player: Ironman A3 PID: 25ba4c2a6ebc4d817b89cfec55b18385 TS3 ID: QT0DDTe1LWrk1MSJ+9GcXhHZtL0= Length: Perm until appeal Time Served Reason: Mic Spam Processor: azzwort
  17. Player: Matty93 A3 PID: TS3 ID: ZuBQz3SUtYMyCFUd081DnXIUCsM= Length: 24 Hours Reason: Negligent use of asset resulting in death of entire friendly squad Processor: Impulse 9 The user was the gunner of a BMD4 behind a friendly section moving down the road at mission start. Enemy infantry and transport vehicle were spotted down the road. Matty without care for his surroundings and friendlies engaged the enemy with his 100mm HEFrag striking the tree in front of his vehicle wiping out the entire squad at mission start.
  18. Player: Legion A3 PID: TS3 ID: nC59+TBIJZJ4DydM9G1sNzKiWeE= Length:15 Minutes Reason: User personally attacked another member after being warned previously that doing so will result in a ban. Processor:
  19. Player: Besiden A3 PID: TS3 ID: IRruh2VeI3FDnqSpr06vP7KRnYE= Length: 15 min Reason: User was Micspamming in the barracks. User followed Pancake to my channel to report the user. I was in arma with ACRE on so i did not hear it, but I did see him key up on TS. User left before i was able to kick/ban. so i just banned him after the fact. <16:55:10> "Besiden" disconnected (leaving) <16:58:52> Client banned: "Besiden" Processor: Perfk
  20. Player: Scope A3 PID: ab0249b83a8565e096cd5eb9bc017532 TS3 ID: nkUSisuOosWFH5MsHq6lqW98LOQ= Length: 1 Month Time Served Reason: Intentional Game Disruption, hostile behavior towards player base, attempted intentional teamkilling, changing to enemy uniform, deliberate game disruption Processor: Headshot During a playthrough of Insurgency, Scope changed to a Taliban/enemy uniform and began to engage friendly units in firefights as reported by OriginalPancake and confirmed by Delta38, Walsh and Scope himself. Edit by Headshot: Length and Processor
  21. Player: SpitFir3Tornado A3 PID: a653c428815e7d711f202f014acebc2e TS3 ID: uU40w2E+HI3P7E8xRG1mU5BcN0k= Length: 1 Week Reason: Ignoring prior warnings or instructions by Officers. Reconnected after being told to sit out for the mission; SpitFir3Tornado failed to comply with the Admin's (Perfk's) request, which was to join the attacking team. Numerous false ban reporting/requests against Officers and GMs tasked with ensuring quality of play for all users on the server not just a few specific individuals that repeatedly teamstacked denying others the opportunity to take certain roles in missions Processor: Headshot/Nathan/Impulse 9 Perm/MicSpam - Removed http://forums.united...spitfir3tornado ND 24 Hr - http://forums.united...spitfir3tornado ND/TK 48 Hr - 72 Hr 1 Month - http://forums.united...spitfir3tornado
  22. Player: Hundfan A3 PID: 12d0515d6ce786f3a3dc91eb453d723a TS3 ID: KlqDgx4OFpFWg/eZWXxrDJReTZc= Length: Permanent Reason: 4.1.2. Failure to Adapt from previous bans Intentional teamkilling, Previous Bans: http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/22658-ban-hundfan/?hl=hundfan http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/22447-ban-hundfan/?hl=hundfan http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/22008-ban-hundfan/?hl=hundfan http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/20376-ban-hundfan/?hl=hundfan http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/20300-ban-hundfan/?hl=hundfan
  23. Player: OriginalPancake A3 PID: d2e3919fe6b784347b3806b5634e365b TS3 ID: eZCCGoxNJEqr2TXdW20qfUAcNjM= Length: 1 Month Reason: User posting racist content in game channels - Targeted Personal Attacks. Processor: Impulse 9
  24. Player: Hello TS3 ID: Md5CWp1RhNlU9Vujqki0Xj2mtUo= Length: 2 Hours (request perm) Reason: Mic Spam
  25. Player: RonTheBon A2 PID: N/A TS3 ID: Yu2YIkx2TDhs1GNp5gZXVfilUBk= Length: 2 Hour (Requesting Perm) Reason: Trolling, going into random channels saying "I want to learn English". Went into other TS channels and harassed other members with the same request.
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